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Updated on September 21, 2006
E.J. asks from Flower Mound, TX
4 answers

I have been taking my husband's nice dress shirts to Fifth Avenue dry cleaners for awhile now. Well lately they have been ruining his clothes. A lot of his shirts have been coming back with stains that were not there when I took them in. I am wondering if there is a good place that I can take my husband shirts to in Flower Mound so they won't come back ruined.
Thank You!

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answers from Dallas on

We go to GK Cleaners by Wendys at 3040 & 2499. They are great and have a drive through. They do a great job.



answers from Dallas on

I agree with Erin - we've been taking our clothes to New York Cleaners (around the corner from Sprouts) for 6 years now and they are fabulous!



answers from Birmingham on

We were tired of the cleaners not cleaning the clothes we took them..... we used Polo Cleaners over in the Albertson's lot. So I started using Benchmark Cleaners. The pick-up and drop-off your clothes at your door! And it is the same price I was paying at the other cleaners. They send me an email reminder the day before, and I put my clothes in a bag they provided on my doorstep.

It's fantastic!




answers from Spokane on

The BEST place is in the strip mall around the corner from Sprouts ... I wish I could remember the name. I think it is New York Cleaners. The staff is wonderful! When we moved to Carrollton, they offered to drive to my house to pick up my dry cleaning so they would not lose my business ... I of course declined, but they were just fabulous!

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