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Updated on December 07, 2008
M.H. asks from Flower Mound, TX
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Hi, we are looking for a resonably priced dry cleaner in Flower Mound. Lately ours must not even look at our clothes because they come back still dirty but pressed! Price is not as important as doing a good job cleaning and not destroying our clothes. I've tried some of the inexpensive ones and after a few cleanings the clothes were no good (like they were using too many chemicals). Thanks!

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We have used Comet Cleaners near YMCA on Cross Timbers. They actually have just changed their name to Robbins Cleaners. Same owners, employees, etc. Just a name change.

We've been going there for years and have always been pleased. They work hard to please their customers. I experienced the same things you were describing before going there.

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You can not beat GK's cleaners. They even have free pick up and delivery and have won the People's Choice award several years in a row. If you are not happy with something, they will re-wash it/press it for you. I had something that did not come back pressed as nicely as I would like it (several years ago) and they re-did it no questions. I have not had any problems since.

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Hi M.-
You should try Dryve Cleaners. They are a pick up and delivery service for dry cleaning and laundry. I do a lot of dry cleaning and don't feel that they are any more expensive than the normal cleaners in the area. They do a great job and pick up weekly. It sounds like they might work for you since you are a busy mom. The owner (Robert) is a FM resident, too and super nice guy. I have been using them for 3 years now and we are very happy. I have not even noticed our whites turning gray with them.

Give them a try! :)

M. H.

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I am 50 years old and have NEVER used dry-cleaners because I read once that the chemical that they use - - percloro-somethin'-somethin' - - was like lighter fluid and the leftover fumes that fill your closet have been linked to cancer.

So, if I were you, I'd check into one of those new Eco-Cleaners! I know there is a new one in Keller on the NE corner of Tarrant Parkway and Rufe Snow. But that's too far from Flower Mound.

What I do is just hand-wash, dry-flat. I remember how scared I was at age 22 - - my first time to put a dress that said "Dry Clean Only" into the washer on "hand-wash cycle". It came out perfectly fine. I thought, "Oh, they must just label a lot of stuff like that to cover their liabilities in case someone shrinks it in their home washing machine"; and ever since, I'm not scared to try. But I have a nice front-loading washer from Sweden - - I wouldn't try it with an agitator.



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I like Polo cleaners. They are in the same strip mall as Albertsons used to be on the corner of 3040 and 2499.

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