Looking for a Doctor in the Grand Blanc Area

Updated on April 20, 2007
D.C. asks from Grand Blanc, MI
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I recently moved here from the Warren area and I am looking for either an OB/GYN or a well known doctor in the area. I want to get a full exam done due to having irregular periods and other concerns I have. If anyone knows of any please let me know.

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Well, they aren't in Grand Blanc, but Flint so I guess that's close enough...

Dr. Nita Kulkarni - She is mine and just delivered my first baby. I love her so much! She always makes sure you don't have any more questions or concerns before leaving you. The only pitfall I can see (and I don't think it is, but some people might) is that she's the only OB/GYN in the office and it's a small office so they don't have a whole lot of big equipment. Alot of the testing and such is done at the hospitals. A good point is that she can go with any of the area hospitals - she's not contracted under just one like alot of doctors are.

Dr. Mona Hardas - She's great. I've met her and have heard wonderful things about her. My mom works at the Hurley labs and a lot of the ladies in the hospital use her and like her very much.

Good luck! I know it sucks trying to find new doctors. My OB/GYN retired 3-4 years ago and I had to search for a new one. Having a mom that works at the hospital with alot of other ladies did help that search a lot though.

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Hey.. Saw your request.. I wanted to let you know that A good OB/GYN is on Court Street.. The Flint Womans Clinic, Dr. Powers.. She looked after my last pregnancy which was like 6 years ago, gave me a tubal and I still go to her.. she is AWESOME!!



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I see Dr.Lapa at Women's Integrated Health in Genesys Hospital. He delivered my son 2 yrs ago in May and I've been going to him for my yearly ever since. He is a very nice man and I have recommened him before.



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Dr. Kingsbury at Genesys is wonderful he has a new partner there also who is a women if you prefer that.



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I am also a patient of Dr. Powers and she is fantastic. In fact, I love every single doctor with Women's Specialty Associates. They are currently in Flint on W. Court Street but they are in the middle of building a new office just down the road from Genesys Hospital on Holly Road. This is a wonderful group! You really can't go wrong with this group.

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