How to Minimize Cellulite!

Updated on August 22, 2013
S.R. asks from Colbert, WA
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I am thirty, just had my third child 7 months ago and I seem to have cellulite spreading all over my body. I have always been fairly fit never really had a problem loosing weight, but I have always had a little cellulite on my bottom and one leg. NOW I have it all over!! I can't seem to loose the baby weight and have been working out off and on for five months. I know turning 30 has something to do with it, but I was wondering if anyone has had a similar experience and what you have done about it? I am willing to try anything, it makes me very upset to think I will never feel comfortable wearing shorts or a swim suit again.

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answers from Corvallis on

The only thing I could do is minimize looking at it!
And run 4 times a week. Even then, welcome to womanhood.
You have lots of company!!

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answers from Boston on

Ah, the dreaded cellulite! I hate it too. I noticed an increase as I approached my late 30's.

I'm a personal fitness coach and training for my ACE certification as well. Cellulite is technically fat and muscle burns fat! Strength training, especially Resistance training using your body weight, is key for reducing cellulite.

Don't spend a lot on any of those expensive creams. I've found that daily moisturizing and the inexpensive Good-bye Cellulite from Nivea help minimize cellulite's appearance as well.

A terrific home workout system that I recommend is called ChaLEAN Extreme. While, extreme is in the name, it is really for all fitness levels. The goal is to build muscle to burn fat. The results are AMAZING!

All the best in your cellulite-banishing quest.
- Coach J.

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answers from Portland on

Two things I know that work great to tone and get rid of the cellulite are running/jogging and lunges. I know it is very frustrating...and it gets harder when you are in your 30's...that is what I have found anyway. I had some pretty major cellulite on my rear and the back of my legs, and I started jogging 2-3 miles, 3-4 days a week (I started last May)and my cellulite has been cut in half. Whatever you do, consistency is the key! Good luck!

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answers from Portland on

By cellulite do you mean skin that looks puckered similar to orange peels? I've read articles written by medical professionals that say cellulite is hereditary and that there is nothing that can be done to get rid of it. I have seen many ads, some of which do not seem to be ads, for products that eliminate cellulite. Ads are trying to get you to buy their product and are not nedessarily truthful.

Sorry to be such a "kill joy." I encourage you to work on accepting your legs as they are. I see many women with cellulite at the swimming pool and in shorts having a good time. Mostly, people, including me, look at their faces as they laugh and play.

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answers from Seattle on

I don't know about getting rid of cellulite, I do believe you can minimize it by excercise and reducing the fat in your body.

I have had three kids and I am 38, so don't let the being 30 thing discourage you, you can lose your baby weight, my last child is 3 so I was 35 when I had her and lost all of the weight.

The key is not to put off losing the weight, the longer you wait the harder it is to take it off. Watch your portions and the fatty foods, eat healthy and you will lose it.

I still have cellulite, but I think if I consistanly stuck with an excercise routine of cardio, weights and stretching I would have less.

Good luck!

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answers from Portland on

Hi S.,

I have brown spots on my forehead/cheek bone's that occured during pregnancy. I went to a Dermatologist and nothing worked. What I have told's my daughter's birth mark. At least you can cover yours up. Think positive and yes exercise can minimize cellulite & creats a positive attitude. Easier said than done!



answers from Spokane on

Hey S.!

I know exactly what you are talking about. So many things begin to change once you hit your 30's! However, I'm wondering if you are still nursing your baby girl? With both of my kids, I didn't finally loose the last bit of my baby weight until I was done nursing. It was like my body held on to the extra fat knowing I was still producing milk. Weird...since nursing is supposed to help take off the weight, but that was my experience. Once my kids were done nursing, the weight eventually melted off.

Maybe you can find a friend to work out with, who also has a goal to lose some extra pounds as well. (now that she has gained weight after loosing the baby weight.) You can encourage eachother and get on a consistant workout schedule while getting support from eachother and keep the other accountalbe! Maybe someone in your church or small group? Maybe a gal named D.?

(By the way, do you have a hot husband who rocks out the drumbs on your worship team?)

Good luck! :) D. f.



answers from Jacksonville on

Do Exercise. Exercise improves blood flow to connective tissue and strengthens the muscles that help tighten and support skin.
Avoid tight clothing.
Drink more water.
Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables.
Do regular massage.
It can best for you.
Anti Cellulite Cream also best.


answers from Fayetteville on

Yes cellulite is very bad if it is on thighs because you can't wear shorts and swim suits that the main reason why many women want to get rid of cellulite...There are many ways by which you can easily get rid of cellulite but these surgeries are not good because they are very harmful...So try to use some cellulite creams that have shown many good and effective results to my friend...see some top rated cellulite creams on -



answers from Portland on

I had my first child at 42, gained almost 40 pounds, and cellulite all over my tummy, arms etc. Now, 16 months later I am back to my pre-baby weight...exercise is the key and it takes time-be easy on yourself. Try to fit in a little exercise every day...when kids are napping? Cellulite is unfortunately hereditary and it never really goes away but you can minimize it. Weight training, low fat diet, cardio...all helps. I've been dealing with it for years but when I am in shape and strong I don't think about it. As my husband's part of being a woman...soft, full, voluptuous-beautiful. Good luck.



answers from Seattle on


You say that you are willing to try anything. Unfortunately, slathering products on your skin is not going to get to the root of what you're wanting to 'fix'. I highly suggest the raw food diet. Google 'raw diet cellulite' and you will find many testimonials on reducing and getting rid of cellulite, it can do the same for stretch marks. Going 100% raw may not be ideal for you, but just switching a large part of your diet can have a huge effect.

There are so many other benefits that you will see when changing your diet, I hope you take a serious look into it. If you're in the Seattle/Redmond/Everett/Renton area at all, let me know and I can invite you to some groups that meet at raw restaurants or raw pot lucks. We'd love to have you! Also if you have any questions, feel free to message me

To vibrant health,


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