How to Keep a Dog Puppy from Digging

Updated on August 22, 2008
S.S. asks from Bedford, TX
4 answers

my son has a beagle basset mix that wan to keep digging in my rock area in the back yard and after she has done it knows excatly what she has done does anyone have any suggestions on how to keep her from digging. other than that she is a good dog (of 1 year)

shelley s

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NO PEPPER!! It can ruin your dog's sense of smell. Go to PetSmart. They have sprays and things that you put where you don't even want your dog to go. They dislike the odor, and stay away. Puppies dig, and it sucks. But these things work. Usually in a spray bottle that you spray in the areas you want. It's awesome.



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Cayenne pepper in the dirt where she is digging. Just sprinkle it on. It will not harm her, but she will stop quickly. I have had both bassets and beagles. Hounds are stubborn and what normally works for other breeds doesn't always work for them.



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Dogs usually dig for fun and out of boredom. A water bottle is a good trainer to squirt her to stop when you catch her doing it... but immediately after she stops you need to give her a chew toy or a rope pull or something to redirect her energy. She needs to know what she can do for fun and entertainment.



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Hello S.,

put about 1 tsp lemongrass oil + 2 cups water in a spray bottle and spray the area you don't want her to dig. dogs (and cats) don't like the smell. spray every few days until she's not used to digging ther anymore.

it doesn't hurt her. good luck! ~C.~

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