How Do I Get My Dogs to Stop Peeing on Patio?

Updated on August 06, 2008
J.H. asks from Edmond, OK
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My dogs are peeing on our patio directly outside our door to the house. There used to be a doormat there, and that is what they were going on. We've moved it, but they are still going on the concrete. We have plenty of grass near by, and we tried one of those "Pee Posts" to guide them where we want them, but nothing is working. I would love to just spray something to keep them from going there, but they would still have to walk over it to get to the yard, so it can't be too toxic!!!

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answers from Tyler on

It's hard to catch them every time. I'd sprinkle Cayan pepper on the patio.

Hope it helps.


P. <><

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answers from Dallas on

First, try putting them on a leash and walking them out to the spot you want them to go potty. Hang onto the leash and as they go potty, tell them they're "good dogs" in your happy voice.

Second, almost all dogs smell before they pee. That spot is saturated with pee smell. You need to remove that smell. Try Nature's Miracle or Petzyme. You can get them at PetSmart or PetLand. Use a lot of it on the area.

Third, after the area dries from applying the pee smell remover, sprinkle ALOT of cayenne pepper on the spot. Do it each time before you let the dogs out for at least a week. Just keep a shaker by the door. Get a cheap bottle of it from Big Lots or the Dollar Store. The red pepper will deter them from peeing on the spot.

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answers from Amarillo on

I saw this on that show "It's Me or the Dog," but it may not be possible, just a suggestion. She would make a loud noise everytime they went to the "spot," like coins in a can. We used this to get our boxer to stop scratching the door. Everytime she would scratch, instread of letting her in, we would open the door and shake the can. It only took a couple of times for them to stop. Also, our bird dog is a digger and fence jumper, we started putting him on a chain, just to keep him from destroying the yard and getting out. He didn't care for the chain and figured out what was causing him to get put on the chain. He quit jumping the fence and has pretty much stopped digging. We do go out in the backyard every evening and let him off the chain and socialize with both the dogs. We love our dogs, but aggreed that it isn't ok for them to damage our home. You may also consider building a kennel in an area of the yard. Stay with it, you can train them to stop, but you have to take action quickly. Hope this helps.



answers from Dallas on

Our dog trainer suggested the "coins/rocks in a can" response to their peeing or attempting to pee at that spot. Also, she suggested having a spray bottle with water in it and spray them each time they start toward that spot to pee. If they have a dog door, close it till they are trained. I would also definitely use the enzyme spray several times to remove the pee smell from that area. You have to catch them in the act or beginning to act, so taking them out yourself is really important. If you use the "noisy can" or spray in face, you may have to "set them up to get caught" if they are doing it when you are not around. Keep them inside till they have to go, then go out and make the noise or spray or both when they start to raise a leg or lower their hiney at that spot. Good luck.



answers from Dallas on

Try foil to keep them away from the area. I know it sounds strange but we put a small square of foil on each cushion of our couch and it keeps them off. I heard that if you don't want your cat (I don't have cats) in or near your bedroom door waking you up in the morning to put foil outside your door. Not sure why it works but it does...

Good luck!!



answers from Dallas on

Have you tried pet spray we just got a puppy and I saw it yesterday at Petsmart. I think it elimates the odor and that is probably the reason they peeing in that same spot because of the smell. You might have to spray it several times a day since concrete will soak up the odor. I am not sure if they are inside dogs, but if they are then stay outside with them when they go potty and redirect them to the grass. If they are outside dogs I would move something to cover that spot while you are treating it. Maybe a box or something they cannot pee on.



answers from Dallas on

They make dog and cat repellents that don't hurt them, they just smell really bad. I think I saw it at Ace Hardware and it was like $6 or $7. Couldn't hurt to try.



answers from McAllen on

Try using vinegar, that will get the stink out so they won't smell their own smell. After that, one of the suggestions was catch them in the act, that might work. We have a little papillon that pees on the patio sometimes and after she does we spray it with water really fast so the smell won't linger. Maybe you could try a fence?



answers from Dallas on

I 2nd the foil idea. It works!

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