How to Get Puke off of Upholstered Car Seats

Updated on October 13, 2011
J.S. asks from Saint Louis, MO
6 answers

Hi mamas,

My 4 year old blew puke ALL over the back seat of my car yesterday and on my carpeting. I went out there immediately after getting him cleaned up, but it was too late. It was soaked well in to the seats/floorboards. I used rug cleaner that usually works on EVERYTHING and scrubbed really hard with no luck. I used baby wipes because they usually get out any stains we get on clothing. No luck. My mom suggested a scrub bruch and upholstery cleaner. I haven't gotten to buy that yet since I'm stuck at home with sick kiddos. I figured I would see what other mamas suggest. Maybe you'll mention something I have here at my house. ?? Thanks mamas!

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answers from Seattle on

I grabbed my husband before he went downstairs and asked hijm since he is a car detailer by profession. He says to get some vinegar (not a lot) and some dish soap and a warm bucket of water. (mix it together) then take a cloth and scrub the seats and carpet. Take a dry cloth and go over the wet spot. Take baking soda and sprinkle it on the carpet and seats and let it sit for a while. THen take a shop vac and REALLY suck up the soda. Go at it for a while since the puke goes down to the floor board.
We have cleaned puke out of my car more times than I care to remember and this has always worked for us. Good luck

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answers from San Francisco on

Nature's Miracle, the pet enzyme product. Don't just spray, pour a bunch of it on the area where the puke is. Then let it go to work.

I spilled a bunch of milk in my car, and after a few days, my whole car was filled with sour milk smell. I poured Nature's Miracle on it, and it completely neutralized the milk. You usually have to buy it at a pet store.

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answers from Kalamazoo on

Do you have a shop vac? I usually clean my car seats and car carpet with a bucket of warm water with laundry detergent in it and a scrub brush, then shop vac up the water.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Blecch! Poor kid! Poor car.

Personally, I would wipe everything out or shop vac any & all puke chunks or puddles.

Take the mats out. Hose them off & let dry outside.

Keep the car doors open if you can & let some air in there.

You could LIBERALLY sprinkle baking soda to absorb odor for now.

THEN get a rag and cold water & Tide & go to town.

Let air dry.

Sprinkle MORE baking soda!

(If you get out to get the brush & upholstery cleaner, maybe pick up some Febreze, Odo-Ban or Nature's Miracle as well.)

Good luck. I don't envy you.

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answers from Boston on

Maybe natures miracle will help get the stink out along with what oneanddone has suggested

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answers from Washington DC on

Save yourself the hassle. Go to a professional detailer and get it cleaned. It'll cost but it's worth it. Tell them what it is and that you want the car left with zero smell. They may need to do a deep steam cleaning. I know you don't have time for that right now with sick kids at home but to it as soon as you can; it may be the fastest solution and won't have you scrubbing all day. If the vomit really soaked in, it's gotten into the foam beneath the upholstery, and you may need a professional cleaning including drying it well, or you'll have a smell that lingers no matter what.

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