Help Finding Elastic Waisted Pants!

Updated on January 04, 2010
J.M. asks from Dearborn, MI
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I'm 21 weeks pregnant and have outgrown my jeans.I have found the elastic waist jeans in the plus size dept. at Walmart a few months back but now they aren't carrying them at the one I go to.Can any of you ladies recommend a store that carries the jeans and are inexpensive? Thanks for any help.

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So What Happened?

Thanks ladies :) I have looked at my kmart because they had a maternity section but now its gone and some pants they had on sale were only in petite. I'll look around at thrift stores first. I didn't find anything on Craigslist yet.

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You probably need maternity pants. Maybe try a second hand shop or Craigslist for someone giving them away, or selling very cheap :) Or if you don't want second hand, try Target, Sears or Kohls... Good Luck!



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Hi J.,

Try Kmart or Sears for the elastic waist pants.

May your pregnancy be a healthy and happy one!


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Also try the thrift stores I found quite a few pairs at the salvation army and i just took them home and washed them and went about my business. And also motherhood maternity stores! I think there is one in fairlane mall but sometimes they can get pricey but they do have good sales form time to time! Good luck!



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I would definitely move to maternity jeans. I really liked the ones from Target and Old Navy. Old Navy often offers online sales for an extra 20% off which makes the jeans relatively inexpensive. My Old Navy maternity pants lasted me through two pregnancies and they're still in good shape. Or try some resale shops - they have consignment maternity stores (I would check online to find one) or even try basic resale shops. Motherhood maternity also tends to have good prices on basic pieces.

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