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Updated on April 12, 2015
J.S. asks from Los Angeles, CA
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Where can I find cheap maternity clothes? I'd hate to spend a fortune for just 9 months of my life but I do work and have to look at least somewhat respectable (not suits but business casual). Thank you!

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Second hand stores.
Places like Goodwill usually have them. And also Kid to Kid, a second-hand store for infant gear and kids clothes, also has a maternity section.

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answers from New York on

Old Navy Maternity- Get a few pairs of slacks, a few shirts with an empire waist, and a few wrap dresses and job done.

F. B.

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answers from Dallas on

I worked in financial services during my pregnancy so I TOTALLY get where you're coming from. Spend the money to get pregnancy pants - I got black and brown - 1 pair each, and I alternated them. I got shirts at places like Ross Dress for Less - just larger sizes, not maternity. I wore suit jackets that could work as separates with the pants. Worked like a charm and I didn't spend much at all.

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answers from Chicago on

Old Navy was always a favorite of mine for that.

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answers from Los Angeles on

old navy will not be business casual. You may have some luck at target. Will you work after baby comes? Then invest in a few descent maternity clohtes that you can wear after baby comes-esspecially pants. I refused to buy clothes to fit me when I had gained 5 -10 lbs. But it turned out, It would have been smart for me to buy for that weight because thats the size you are for months after baby. I had to buy 2 or three sets of clothes for small preg. belly and one for large preg. belly. Some of my target stuff fell apart at the seems before my pregnancy ended. I ended up having three babies so I'm glad I had a few good pieces. At the end of the day, the money I spend at Motherhood Maternity stretched longer than the cheap stuff, but thats in part to how many pregnancies I had.

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answers from Los Angeles on

Sometimes kids resale shops sell maternity clothes.
Kohls has maternity.
So does Target.

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answers from New York on

Old Navy hands down!

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answers from Oklahoma City on

I got a lot of stuff on clearance at a maternity store in a mall. The off season stuff was on sale and I bought it ahead of time. I was due November 4 and I got a bunch of stuff that I could wear layered for fall and then all summer too.

You can get a couple of good quality pants/shorts with panels that will stretch with your belly then wear oversize tee shirts and tops with flared bottoms.

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answers from Los Angeles on

Hubby's clothes for home and Motherhood Maternity sold at Macy's for work. Macy's always has sales so the clothes are actually cheaper there than at the actual Motherhood Maternity store. Target also has maternity clothes for cheap. I agree with not spending a fortune for just six months or less of your life (depending on when you show). For me, Gap was too pricey. I would also check out goodwill -- I just donated all of my maternity clothes there.

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answers from Santa Fe on

If you can't get hand me downs from someone, I would look on ebay. I would plan on wearing my same cardigants/jackets (open), but get some maternity pants and tops. The other place I would look is a good thrift store. We have a couple by us that specialize in baby clothes, maternity clothes and nursing clothes.

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answers from Denver on

Old Navy. Not all stores carry maternity, so check before you go. I needed the same thing you do, and I found Old Navy to have the best options at the best prices.

I liked the Target clothes, but thought they were pricey for what I got - if that's your price range, I suggest Motherhood Maternity.

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answers from Chicago on

I had some luck buying clearance at the gap. I also bought stuff at motherhood maternity.

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answers from Richmond on

when i was pregnant, i simply wore my husbands clothes, once i got too big for my own.but i did pay good money for several nursing bras..alot cheaper and less stressful then waddling through walmart, heavily pregnant..K. h.

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answers from Boston on

Target and Old Navy. I did buy a couple of pairs of pants at Gap because it was the only brand that would stay up on me.


answers from Washington DC on

our local goodwill generally has terrific business clothes for terrific prices. if you're not squicked out by used clothing, i'd start there.
then the sales racks at your usual department stores.



answers from Portland on

I bought two pairs of maternity dress pants (grey and black) and alternated them. No one cares - it's expected. And I worked in an office with suits.

I bought one dress that had an empire type waist that stretched (stretchy fabric) and by the time I was done work it was snug! It was maternity (old Navy of Gap).

The pants I always did with the big fold over/yoga top waistband - so they fit the whole way through. I did have a belly band (ordered off Ebay) and that got me through the in-between times (just showing and after I had the baby).

So I needed 4 tops - I just got things on sale. You can totally get business casual stuff at Old Navy .. I did and I went to meetings, etc. Just get one cardigan or blazer (I had one from GAP Maternity) that you can throw on over tops and the dress ..

For weekends, I wore Old Navy long tunics and yoga pants. I had one pair of maternity jeans - these were worth it (again, yoga type waist band) because I wore them AFTER I had the kids too. You can get skinny ones, bootcut, etc. I think mine were from GAP.

My dressiest clothes came from the SALE rack at a local maternity store. I just wasn't fussy. I got whatever was on sale that was suitable for business casual.

Good luck :)


answers from Kalamazoo on

totally what Patricia G said - and dresses!!!!



answers from Wausau on

Our area has a couple consignment stores that cater specifically to children and mothers. They didn't exist when I was pregnant, so I did some of my shopping on eBay.



answers from Phoenix on

I highly recommend saving money on dress pants by buying a couple of Bella bands (or similar, that is the only brand I know) and using those with your existing dress pants. It is basically a band of spandex that serves the same function as the elastic panel on maternity pants. You just leave your dress pants unbuttoned/unzipped and pull the band over the waist of your pants. That worked for me all the way through both of my pregnancies in professional settings :)
Ebay is another great place to look. They often have "lots" of maternity clothes all in one size that you can get for a deal. Just search by your normal size and maternity, you will see a bunch of things!



answers from Pittsburgh on

ABSOLUTELY Old Navy. They have a TON of perfectly appropriate dresses, skirts, pants, blouses and sweaters. I took a quick peek at their website and it looks like their maternity dresses (all business appropriate) are on sale for $18-20 right now. They have a bunch of linen and knit blazers/jacket for $35. If your local store doesn't stock maternity, you could find out if you can order online and return (whatever doesn't fit) in store. I am unclear why people would think they are not business casual. I found Motherhood Maternity very cheesy.


answers from Norfolk on

2XL men's polo shirts work just fine!

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