Halloween in Plano or Allen

Updated on October 17, 2009
P.R. asks from Lewisville, TX
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Hi Ladies,

My son who is 3 will be going trick or treating this year. We went last year just around our house and about two blocks away. To say the least our neighborhood was not very festive. Very few people participated. Does anyone know of a safe neighborhood in plano or allen that is a great place to go trick or treating. This is the first year that he really knows whats going on and he is so exctied. I want it to be great for him and our own neigborhood is a dud. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!

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Unless you are going to a specific event like a Church fair or other type of festival, I think it is tacky to go to another neighborhood to trick-or-treat...your son rakes in the candy from moms in another neighborhood but you're not giving back. Your own neighborhood will continue to be a dud if you leave it. Lead by example and decorate your house and give out candy. Go out and socialize with the other parents who are trick-or-treating and talk about how you can make your own neighborhood more fun for all the kids who live there. Plus, your son is only 3. At this point he is not going to know the difference. Don't mooch off of others.

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Take him to the Prestonwood Baptist Church for their Fall Festival tonight from 6-9pm.. it's GREAT and a safe place to take the kids. This will be our 4th year to go and we're all looking forward to it! =)



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Plano is having "Kid's Night Out: Trick or Treating" at the Plano Market Square Mall, Spring Creek Parkway at Avenue K. It's hosted by the Plano Police Dep., and it's free and lots of fun. From 6pm-8:30pm. It's supposed to be for ages K-5, but I'm sure they will welcome him. Many kids will bring their little siblings.


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I'm in an West Allen neighborhood with PISD schools (right on the line) so that is a little far from your area according to your profile.

Halloween is a huge social outing for our neighborhood. We have a large neighborhood with different sections so the biggest social aspect for us is in our section. The adults are outside socializing, tons of candy and treats, teen bands play, etc.

I think word has gotten out because the past couple of years, we are seeing a lot of unfamiliar faces and some vans that drop kids off.

We are known for "good" candy as in the big candy bars, toys, etc. PM me if you like.




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This is not really close to you, but it would be worth the drive! http://www.firsteuless.com/trunkfest/ The address should be on the website. Let me know if you have any questions. We have been going for 4 years now and the kids always have a BLAST! This year we signed up to do a trunk. If you come, we are the boat and have a little tinkerbell, peter pan, princess tiger-lily and my husband is captian hook...stop and say hello : )

**I must add, our kids always get enough candy to last them the whole year!



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i am truly sorry but i feel i need to comment on whomever said that going to another neighborhood is "tacky"........it is tacky for you to think that maybe an extra handful of kids not from your neighborhood is so horrible that you feel their parents are "mooching" off of you. not every neighborhood comes together as one to make it a great experience for the kiddos so you should feel flattered that yours is a wonderfully decorated place for others to enjoy. there are plenty of neighborhoods who specifically decorate their areas just so others flock for the veiwing!! moms and dads can buy their children candy all year round if they want to - it is more for the sights and yes a 3 yr old knows exactly what is going on!!! for you to have such an opinion to try and ruin it for the kids is sad!!! if you decorate why wouldnt you want others to see it and who cares if you give out extra candy - in fact if you are that cheap to ruin it for the kids due to candy i will glady purchase it all for you this year!!! remember things like this IS FOR THE KIDS ENJOYMENT and seeing their faces light up with excitment should be a blessing no matter where they trick or treat!!!! xoxo

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