Good to Great Tablets for Minecraft Mods

Updated on November 05, 2013
M.M. asks from Jefferson City, MO
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Hi, Both kiddos want tablets(IPADS) for Christmas. Their main use would be to play minecraft and to download minecraft mods. Are there tablets cheaper than an Ipad that would be good for this? We have been unsuccessful downloading mods on our laptop. Would we have better luck with tablets?

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answers from Honolulu on

*How do your kiddos, play Minecraft now? On what?
Mac or Windows?

Okay, Minecraft family here.
We adults/kiddos play it. Also know that, one of the prestigious private schools here, has a Minecraft club and even has its own server. Minecraft teaches kids (and adults) so much... technically and creatively and about programming, about problem solving, etc.
we have it on our Xbox 360, on the iPad, and on our Mac computer. And per each platform, it is different.
If you get it for using on a tablet specifically... I WOULD get the iPad.
We also have a Nook. But there is no Minecraft for it.

IF however you get the iPad... don't tell the kids it is "theirs."
ie: for us, it is OURS. Not the kids. But they can use it if/when they ask and we feel its okay. Our kids do not own, the iPad. We do.

To me, the iPad is the best tablet "platform" to get it on. If you are looking for a tablet specifically, to play it on.
But you do NOT have to get, the most recent iPad out.
Get an older one etc.
Ours for example, is actually the 1st iPad that came out.
And it STILL works perfectly fine and can download/update everything fine and be played on it fine, and with Minecraft.
And you don't need 2 iPads in the house, nor one for each of them.
Unless you and Hubby want one too.

Mods, can be glitchy by nature and has bugs especially if it is an outdated mod.
And it may often just stop the game from working properly.... and then you will not have a "clean" Minecraft anymore or it will crash. And then sometimes you have to delete things and reinstall and start with a clean Minecraft again etc.
Try Google search "how to install mods for Minecraft."

BEFORE you even get an iPad or tablet.... research to see if you can even get Minecraft mods for the iPad and if there are even Minecraft apps for it in the first place.
The tablets often have "pocket" versions of Minecraft. It is NOT the same as on the computer etc. Do your kiddos know that?
Ask your local Apple store.

I would think that playing it on a computer... is best for full... Minecraft crafting and mods.
Try researching it.
Because, if there are no app mods for a tablet or iPad, then it will be very frustrating and an expensive mistake to make.
When my son plays it on the computer, that is the platform where he can do most anything with it and create things/update/get mods, etc. Not on the iPad.

I would ask, a person at an Apple store or at a GameStop or something.
Before you even go and buy, a tablet or other platform for the Minecraft.
Because playing it on a "tablet" is different.
And what you can get for a tablet, depends on if.... there are apps for it.

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answers from Houston on

I have an ipad, and my son plays minecraft on it, but he says it's not anything like as good as playing it on my laptop. Unfortunately :/
He gets mods on my laptop all the time, I'm not sure why your not having luck with that. He has never got a mod on my ipad. In fact I don't think you can get them for a tablet.

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answers from Houston on

You can play minecraft on kindle fires. I don't have one though but will be getting one(each) for my 5 and 6 year olds for Christmas. They are $129 on amazon and pretty cool, my girlfriend has them for her kids and they're fun! Refurbished are $99 I think. My hubby and I have iPads but they are way too pricey for my kids i really don't like for them to play on mine. These will be for them.

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answers from Anchorage on

My kids play minecraft on their Kindle fires, but I am not sure about the mods

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answers from Dallas on

My boys 14 and 11 both like minecraft on the computer better than the IPad. My oldest does play it some when we are out but he can also use his ipod to do that. Which are a lot cheeper. Laptops are cheeper than tablets by far.

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