Family Feud and Project Runway

Updated on February 17, 2012
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So the other day around 6 p.m. my husband and I were flipping through the TV channels and came across Family Feud w/ host Steve Harvey. Having both watched it w/ host Richard Dawson (remember the kisser?) when we were kids, we stopped to check it out. I'm no prude, but I couldn't believe some of the questions (survey says!) that were on the show. One of the questions was something like "What would a 95 year old pole dancer have hanging that previously wasn't?" One of the answers on the board was "HER POOPER" (I'm not even kidding) and others were her boobs (but they came up w/ some slang for it), etc. etc. You get the picture. Another question involved blow jobs. One of the families participating was a minister and his family! So I'm thinking ... WOW, Family Feud has definitely gotten raunchier than it used to be and I don't think this should be on a 6 p.m. anymore! Mostly I thought that the questions were degrading to women. So I mentioned to my husband that I really don't want our 6 yo daughter to watch this show. He agreed that it was raunchier than it used to be, but was kind of non-committal.

Now my daughter and I have a couple of design competition shows that we like watching together ... one is HGTV's Design Star and the other is Project Runway. Project Runway, although fun and artsy and the participants are definitely zany ... well, they're creative types making clothes for women. So there are some comments about boobs, butts, etc. and sometimes a bad word will fly, too. I always cringe inside as we're watching it, but it flies right over my daughter's head and she's never noticed. But my husband thinks it's just as bad as Family Feud and that I'm being hypocritical. I told him that if he really thinks so, then he should put his foot down as I have and not allow her to watch it, as I've asked that she not watch Family Feud. I'm totally fine with that. He didn't respond.

This is not a question where I need you to take take sides on who is right ... I'm totally fine if he decides he doesn't want her watching it. She'll be suuuuper miffed, but that's the way it goes. But if YOU watch Project Runway, I'm curious your views on letting an almost 7 yo watch. In general, I'm conservative about what I'll allow her to watch.

Looking forward to hearing your input! Thanks!

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answers from Seattle on

I have watched Project Runway, and while I enjoy it sometimes, I wouldn't let my daughter watch it (she's almost 7). Like a previous poster mentioned, the people treat each other badly. That's actually my main beef with reality TV in general. I'd rather my daughter didn't see that kind of behavior and think it's normal. The people on reality TV shows really ham up the drama and bitchiness.

Family Feud was hokey back when and sounds downright awful now.

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answers from Cumberland on

Are you working up to "Two and a Half Men"?

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answers from Albuquerque on

I am a complete nut when it comes to TV for kids. My almost five year old girls have seen Dinosaur Train, Sid the Science Kid... and Project Runway. Seriously. I will not let them watch most kids shows, or any commercials, and they've never seen a full length movie, but I think Project Runway is just fine. The comments about body parts are just that... the designers are not sexualizing women, they're simply talking about the body parts they're designing for. And yeah, every once in a while there will be the occasional bad word -- but not even one an episode. And they do fly right over my kids heads (but I'm not all that worried about language - I can explain what the words mean and why we don't use them if I need to).

My girls don't watch Project Runway all day every day, but when they stay home sick and I can no longer read books to them, I will turn on a recorded episode for us to watch together. Oh - worth mentioning... some of the seasons are better than others. The current one - the All Stars, is not acceptable for little kids, in my opinion. The contestants are really catty, and I don't want my kids watching that.

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answers from Portland on

Yes, I watch Project Runway and I would let a 7yo watch it. The occasional adult comments will go over the head of a 7yo. Also, she will be hearing those same words and innuendos in life. If she does become curious, I'd want to be there to give her my version of the words.

I am surprised she likes to watch it. She must have a good attention span and interest in fashion. Any adult content is definitely minor and would not interest her unless someone makes a big deal of it. I've not seen anything near raunchiness on the program.

I definitely do not think Project Runway is anywhere near what you describe as Family Feud. It's been years since I've watched it and I'm really surprised at your description. I, too, have thought of it as hoaky. lol

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answers from Seattle on

Project runway is one of my 7year old's favorite shows! I bought her the sketchbooks for Christmas. She doesn't seem to hear anything bad just wants to see the clothes. In fact we usually just fast forward to the runway and judging, I don't need to see all the drama in between!

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