Childbirth Abrasion

Updated on April 26, 2007
C.G. asks from Marblehead, MA
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I just had my 6 week postpartum OB visit for my third and last child. I am much more sore than I was at 6 weeks postpartum with my other two, who are currently nearly 12 and 4. The OB said that the soreness was because of an external vaginal abrasion that must have occurred during delivery and is having a hard time healing because of the moistness of the area. She said just to use neosporin, but I have to ask, has anyone else heard of an anitbiotic ointment that would work better "down there"? I looked, too, for the ointment version but all I could find was the cream, and I am not sure it will stay at all. Is this really all I can do for it? I'd love to resume bedroom activities with my hubby, but I'm so afraid it will hurt!

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Dear C.,

i use neosporin for most every, cut, scrape, cut, etc. And always in ointment form, they even have one with a pain killer in it. It works great and it works fast. Ask your pharmacist about the ointment version it's in most every pharmacy/grocery store. (i personally have never seen the cream version, only the ointment).

Anyhow, i think it is a great midication and always have it in the house.

P. p



answers from Bangor on

I would WAIT before hubby time. :) I tore REALLY bad with my son and stupidly 3 weeks later I was trying to ride a horse (one who was never ridden before.) Couldn't have hubby time until Austin was 3 months old. Anyway, They only thing that I can think of is to keep using the perineal spray bottle vs wiping after going to the bathroom. Maybe dab a little to dry it then try to put the neosporin on.

Hope things heal up fast for you.



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I have had some issues with healing after each of my two kids. After the second birth my stitches ripped and due to discomfort from scar tissue my ob recommended premarin cream. They explained that it helps with the healing process. It seemed to help. Might be worth asking your ob about.



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Hi C.
I was pretty sore in my postpartum days, too. I tried soaking in warm tubs infused with herbs and was impressed with the results. I ended up founding a company that sells organic bath herbs for new moms.
You can



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Hi C.,

I'm not a doctor of any sort but I believe you could use an ointment called bacitration. You could check with your doctor or pharmacist to see if this is can be used in place of the neosporin. Once your ready to resume your bedroom activities have a glass of wine or two if you are able to. It helps to take the edge off. I had some issues with my first attempt after the baby was born and it turned out I had scar tissue that basically needed to be burned off. So, when attempting the next round I was so nervous and tense because I was afraid of the pain but it turned out to be fine. Sorry if I'm giving you too much info but I just wanted to let you know you're not alone. Anyway, ask about the bacitration and good luck!




answers from Portland on

Hi C.,
I tore during childbirth and a nurse gave me bag balm to try during my recovery. Let me tell you - I was not sore at all once I used the bag balm. I put it on about every other time I used the bathroom. It doesn't sting or anything. And as noted above, I would use the peri bottle and just pat dry.


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