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Updated on April 15, 2013
M.P. asks from Asheville, NC
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I have my high school reunion coming up in a couple of weeks and I have bought the most amazing dress to wear. The downside is, with it being the end of the winter, I am as a pale as a newborn baby. I want to try one of those lotions with a touch of self tanner to give my skin a little color. Nothing drastic, just a hint of sun-kissed(ness). I have no idea what works best, and there's probably a ton to choose from. Any recommendations? I don't want to look freaky orange or streaky. Thanks!

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Jergens it is, then! Going to run out and get some tonight. I thought about the spray tan, but I just don't have much time between then and now. Thanks for the advice!

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answers from Los Angeles on

Jergens Natural Glow moisturizers are the way to go. It's just like putting on your body lotion, I've never streaked or looked fake, the look is natural and builds gradually. You can find them everywhere, too. Have fun at your reunion!

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answers from Dallas on

I just saw a lady the other day talking about self tanning lotions. She said that the Jergens brand was the best. I have also heard that from quite a few other people. She also said that you are less likely to get streaks if you put regular lotion on right after you use the tanning lotion. Good luck and have a wonderful time at your reunion!

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answers from Dallas on

Another vote here for Jergens. It is my go to lotion.

My daughter will sometimes get a spray tan (not too pricey).

She also uses L'Oreal Sublime self tanner and it looks great but it does stain her clothes.

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answers from Seattle on

I would do a Versa sunless spray tan at a local tanning place. You exfoliate before you go. Wear loose dark color close after you spray tan. I do the Versa tan the night before and a level 2 clear tan very natural since I am pale. Google Versa spray tan.

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answers from Syracuse on

I just started using the Jergens brand, I like it and no streaks so far!

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answers from Denver on

Well, if you have Sun Tan City in your city, they are doing free sunless tans today thru Wed. If you go with the lightest application, it looks just "sun-kissed" and really natural.
I'm very pale, and have used their Mystic Tan sunless beds a lot, and really like them.
I don't know about the others, but my sister (who is already tan) uses and likes the 'Jergens brand a lot.

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