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Updated on September 22, 2009
S.M. asks from Lewisville, TX
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I have a friend getting married soon and we are trying to come up with a fun place to have the party. I don't go out much (kids and hubby keep me busy!) so I'd really like to find something in the DFW area that would be fun for a 22 year old!

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Pete's Dueling Piano bar is a really fun place to go. They have dueling pianos and they sing a lot of the big hit songs everyone knows so everyone can sing along. They also do stuff for bachlorettes like make up funny songs using their names or their fiance's or whatever. Hope this helps have fun!:)

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For my bachelorette party, we went to the Rose Room at S4 on Cedar Springs. It's a gay bar and the Rose Room is upstairs which has a draq show. It was mostly women and gay guys which always makes for a great time. I hope that's not offensive to anyone, but it was great. We all had a BLAST and so many of my friends still talk about how it was the best bachelorette party that they'd been to.

Message me if you want to know more details. :)

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I think you got some great ideas. Most of the mama's who answered are in the age group you mentioned. However, I am probably old enough to be your mother.....I still enjoy an active nightlife. i just turned 48 and I pass for early-mid 30's and I really believe attitude has a lot to do it.

I love the True Romance/Slumber Type parties. They can be a lot of fun and no stress way to liven up your own home life!!

A fun thing could be to hop from place to place with your personal limo. Check out good clubs, wine bars, etc.

One thing I feel is very important is keeping the bond with hubby. My hubby and I stil do weekly date is a PRIORITY and it keeps us out of a rut. We'll be celebrating 21 yrs of marriage this year, 25 total together.

Whatever you do, it sounds fun and you are a good friend to do this. Enjoy!!



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How about a Pure Romance Party. Give me a call and I can tell you how it works and how mauch fun it is.
Tedra Jackson / Pure Romance Consultant


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We planned one of our friends parties and then 3 copied that they loved it soooo much. If you have the extra money get a limo. Try to bargain a deal. Get a ride to Dicks Last Resort in Dallas like the previous poster said and then ride to City Streets in Fort Worth. Also get the Bachelorette Party Cards from Party City they are hillarious!

Also Target Dollar Spot at the front has a bunch of Bachelorette Party stuff. Real Cool.

City Streets has a free VIP anyone can go in there. Drinks are the same unless you want to get bottle service.

oh and I am 25 so I am still in your age range for fun!




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I agree with Pete's Dueling Piano Bar!! My bachelorette party was there, and I've been a couple times since with other friends. There are plenty of restaurants around to eat at before hand. Magic Time Machine is a fun restaurant, and right across the streeet. Make sure you make reservations at Pete's, b/c they get crowded real fast!



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How about a pole dancing party? The Girls Room ( off lower Greenville (they also have another studio in Frisco) is awesome! I HIGHLY recommend them. It is not at all "stripper" like, but instead have turned it classy sexy and tasteful. They are all about women empowerment and how no guy is worthy! =] I take classes there and its a blast! They host all kinds of parties, and I believe they do catering too, or can arrange for it. Karyn is the owner and she is amazing! She will definately give you and your girls a night to remember and lots of new sexy moves you can use on your hubby later. I just can't talk enough about how great The Girls Room is! Oh and if it helps..I'm 22 too (:



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Don't be afraid to do something that's not the stereotype "sex" oriented thing. My hubby's friends were not really into that, so they did Dave & Busters for one guy, they did an all-night videogame-a-thon for another guy. So if she's not really into it, do something fun for all - heck, a spa party would float my boat, and would probably cost the same or less than food & drinks for a bachelorette party! Have fun!



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Dick's Last Resort in the West End is a fun idea. Also if you want to do a stay-at-home kind of party, I recommend Slumber Parties. They will come to your house and basically do everything for you. You just provide a few snacks, drinks if you want, and the people! If you'd like a recommendation for a distributor, email me and let me know where you are! I'm a former distributor who still has contacts. :) They're a blast! And very tasteful too!



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I've been to quite a few bachelorette parties and the most fun was probably at Pete's Piano Bar in Addison. Its off Beltline and in between Midway and the tollway. Drinks are reasonably priced [for Addison]. If you are going on a Friday or Saturday night I would call ahead to make a reservation, or at least know that you are coming. Get there a little earlier because it fills up quick. special requests get the bachelorette on the stage and embarrassed!! quite the entertainment! :)

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