Anyone Had Experiences with Sitter City They Want to Share?

Updated on February 15, 2009
D.F. asks from Fairfield, CA
4 answers

Hello. I have been looking for a nanny/sitter to come into my home and watch my 1 year old daughter. I was told about SitterCity but I am curious how many have used this site and with what success? I would hate to pay my $95. which is non-refundable, and not even find a decent person on there. Please let me know if you have used this service. Tell me what your experiences with the service and people on it were, whether good or bad. Also, if there maybe another website that offers better,maybe with a better terms of use policy, let me know. Thank you!!

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answers from San Francisco on


I thought about Sitter City, but signed up with instead. Same idea, a bit less expensive and yes, I found several good people!

Take care

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answers from San Francisco on

Wow, some of the ads said they were $45 to sign up ... maybe in a different area other than silicon valley?! Good luck with the search.



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I have heard that it is not such a reliable thing. Many horror stories. Have you tried Craig's List, a Panrent's/Mommy Forum, or a local Resource & Referral Agency?

T. Solar



answers from Fresno on

I have had alot of luck posting a notice in the child development and education departments at local universities/schools. I don't know about the sites but this is a free idea, and they are kid educated. I have yet to find a bad person.

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