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Updated on June 30, 2010
E.B. asks from Downers Grove, IL
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We are expecting baby #2 right around the first of the year. Because of previously made travel plans, there is a chance that hubby's family (who lives very close by) will either not be in town for the baby's arrival or they will have literally just returned. My family lives out of state and for a laundry list of reasons (mainly money and livestock to care for) may not be able to make the trip up. This leaves us in a pickle for taking care of our 2 year old on the big day. We are mainly concerned with making arrangements for her on the day her sibling arrives, the remaining time I am in the hospital we can cobble something together between my husband coming home, friends, and family. I am a SAHM, so she has never really had a consistent baby sitter. It's always been family or our 15 yr old neighbor and we aren't comfortable asking the neighbor girl to take on a full day.
Has anyone here used sittercity or a similar service to find vetted baby sitters? Is it worth the membership fee?

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So What Happened?

Thanks to everyone for all of the wonderful input. We ended up deciding to work with a young lady (college age) who's mother I know through a volunteer organization.

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I've used Sitter City to find our sitters (2), and it's been wonderful. I agree with pp's, in treating the process as an employer would. Here are some things I did in finding my sitters:

1. Be VERY specific in your ad listing your childcare needs & expectations.
2. Get 3 verifiable references & check them BEFORE setting up a time to interview.
3. Interview in a public place, NOT in your home. (Safety reasons), ie.. starbucks, denny's etc.
4. DON'T list a specific pay rate & discuss at first interview.
5. Follow 1st interview w/a 2nd interview at your home with your child & significant other present.
6. Have the applicant spend an hour or two w/your child, some of that time you are present seeing how they interact & then part of it where your gone (close by). We paid our sitters for their time which was appreciated.

These things REALLY helped me in deciding a sitter & helped to weed out people that weren't a good fit. Also, like any job, if the person is truely interested, this shouldn't be a big deal. We've had two dependable people now for over 6 mos. & it's been wonderful having people to rely on other then family.

Good luck to you & congrats on the new baby!!

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I am actually a nanny on Sittercity as well as I have found some wonderful families to work for through those two sites over the last five years. Here are some tips I have learned from parents:

-don't list a pay rate. Give the person your payrate once you meet them in person
- Always do an interview. Never leave your children with a sitter you do not know/ have met once before. (especially if the children have not met him/ her)
- schedule a trial day. Have the new sitter babysit for 1-2 hours while you run a few errand or "clean out the office", etc. This gives the child a chance to bond with the sitter without you being too far away.
- Pay your sitter for the trial day. They will appreciate it and want
to sit for you again.
- If you do not trust your sitter, find a new one. You should have the utmost trust is your and if you do not they will know it.
- When interviewing for sitters, tell them you expect a 2-4 week notice before leaving their position. A good sitter is HARD to find. You don't want to be left hanging.
- Expect your sitter to care for your child/ren and pick up
after the child/ren and themselves. Nothing more. If you want your sittter to clean for you, you must pay them extra as you would pay a
cleaning service. A nanny is not your maid.
- If you trust your sitter, let them take your children to parks, children's museums, splash parks, playdates, etc. This will make your child's childhood experience more memorable than sitting around thier house day in and day out. Also sign your child up for rec center classes or gymboree classes that the sitter can attend with them. (if you don't trust your sitter, refer to my point above)
-Don't write off nannies who would like to bring a child with them. Meet the child and see if they are compatible with your child/ren. If they are, it is a wonderful (sibling like) social experience for your child/ren.

Good luck finding someone you love!

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**I do have to agree with Mary about Sitter City not really vetting the applicants. Because I know this, I only consider people who have multiple reviews from other Sitter City users, and then check their other listed references as well. If I had anyone around me who I could ask, I'd definitely ask for their opinions first.**

I have used Sitter City for a few years and have found it to be a very useful tool in finding quality caregivers. The biggest problem I have with it is that I get TOO many replies from some who do not read my ad in detail and clearly would not fit our needs (available on the wrong days or looking for a permanent nanny position.)

I have found that if I am very specific in my listing, and state that I will not be able acknowledge every applicant's resume, it is a bit easier to manage it.

The biggest thing I'd suggest is to check their references before you even interview them so that you know before you spend any time on an interview if their references check out and have positive experiences with the applicant.

I have a few interviews this week for sitters I found on Sitter City, and am drawing from the same geographical area. There are many well-qualified applicants--the biggest thing will be to observe them with your child for an extended period of time.

I do think that the $99/yr fee is worthwhile but if you don't need it for an entire year, there might be some offer for a trial or month-to-month membership.

Good luck and congrats on #2!!!

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yes, I have used it. I have 2 babysitters that I use through sittercity. It took me awhile to find them. I had set up interviews and interviewed them. Good Luck and it was worth the fee..



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I personally would ask your friends and neighbors for recommendation first. You have plenty of time. Sittercity is expensive (50$), better to use that money to generously pay a super babysitter to care for your son. If you're in my area, message me, I have some suggestions. I am a listed caregiver, and they didn't do anything to "vet" me, except sell me a background check. (done).



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does your child have any friends her age? When our second was born we had her best friend's parents take care of her overnight. Both girls thought they were in heaven and the friend's mom loved that she got to see the baby on the first day when she brought our daughter to the hospital.

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