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Updated on January 26, 2008
M.C. asks from Avon Lake, OH
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I am in need of some resources. I cannot get child care help because I make too much monthly, since they don't take into account mortgage and other necessary bills. I cannot recieve food stamps or cash assistance because I don't recieve child support. The father is only only custody papers so that I have rights, and not even on the birth certificate. I am not sure how to go about legally claiming no father.
I have heard from neighbors that somewhere in Avon Lake there was a place that would help with food and clothing. They worked on donations from residents and gave out gift cards for giant eagle and places to get school clothing. I am in need of something. I am not making the ends meet and I hardly have food on the table. Someone anyone, suggestions please !!

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Unfortunatey I don't think there is a way to get any assistance without a name on the birth certificate or getting child support. A few years a go my husband and I had a similar situation and they stated without child support there nothing can be done. However, you can get a paternity test and even if he signs away all rights to your child, you can still get child support. If you are able to, you should check out legal aide, at least for getting the paternity test, even though you know he is the father he will probably fight and will have to get a paternity test. I don't think it will cost you anything, he will have to pay for the test.
My husband and I have been through all of this about 11 yrs ago.
Good Luck!



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I'm a stay at home mom. If your in need of child care call me and maybe we can work out some thing. I live in the parma area. ###-###-####



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Hi M.,

Have you tried calling 211? It's a First Call for Help line that can guide you to some social service agencies that will be able to help you with food assistance, childcare and support groups among other things. You might also call the Second Harvest Foodbank of North Central Ohio, they serve Lorain County and have at least one agency listed in Avon/Avon Lake.

Good luck. I hope you are able to get what you need.



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Hello M.,
I'm not sure what the name of the place is you're looking for but I will be sure to ask around. There are some women in our subdivision that seem to know things like this.
There is a group in the area called Avon Preschool Parents Club. (APPC) I'm not sure if you've heard of them. They have a-lot of things to do. They have field trips, Parent's night out, Clubs and much more. If you go to some things they also allow you to bring your child because they have sitters for the children.
They might know of the place you are thinking of. The President is Laura Rouse ###-###-#### her e-mail is [email protected] The Vice President is Melinda Reed (440) 396- 8406 her e-mail is [email protected] It wouldn't hurt to call or e-mail them to see if they know.
There is also a thing in the area called MOPS Mothers of Preschoolers. They have a couple of meetings throughout the month at some local churches. I've not yet gone but would like to. I hear it is a nice way to meet people in the area.
I'm also new to the area. My husband and I moved to the Avon area one year ago. We live off of 83 in Highland Park Sub. It was very hard for me. We've moved a few times because of his job. My parents used to be 2 hours away. Now, they are 6 and 1/2 hours away. We moved here in August last year when I was pregnant. I had my second child in October and then didn't get out much because of the weather. I suffered post partum depression on top of all of this. I'm doing better and know several really nice people in our subdivision now. That helps:)

I know how hard things can be without family.
If you need to talk or need anything I'd be willing to listen and hopefully we could become friends:)
My daughter will be 4 in January and would love to have a playdate with your little girl:)
If you would like, give me a call ###-###-#### or a message back and maybe we could meet sometime. I'm here in the day too as I'm a stay at home mother.
I hope you're able to find what you were looking for.
You will be in my prayers.
Hang in there:)

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