A Clean, Affordable Place to Get a Pedicure

Updated on March 10, 2008
A.W. asks from Round Rock, TX
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I was just wondering if anyone knows a place in the Round Rock area to get a pedicure that's clean and affordable? Being pregnant and having a bad back makes for an intresting time cutting my own toe nails. Last time I did I through out my back and was in pain for 2 days. Go ahead and laugh. Looking back it was pretty funny. I don't really want my husband to cut them for me and lets face it, a little pampering is always nice!

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So What Happened?

Thank You everyone for your suggestions. Now I have so many places to choose from. I'll let you know which one I pick as soon as I can get in as my Hubby is out of town this week and I'm sure my daughter wont sit still for me to get a pedi.

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Hi A....here's a great place for you.go to Gemini Nails.
to contact Melody Munk log on to www.salonsuniqueaustin.com
look click on Melody's suite under nail Tech's.by the way tell her i referred you.S. Anderson.iam a hairstylist.my suite is just across from Melody.she does great work,very clean atmosphere.ang greatest of all NO Drills!

Good Luck!!

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I love Jenissa Beauty Academy! (Lincoln Village shopping center) You can't get cleaner than them and their prices can't be beat! A pedicure is $13. ###-###-#### I get my hair colored there and they do a great job!

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I highly recommend Rio Nails on 79 in HEB plus shopping center. They do a great job and even serve margaritas (which I can't enjoy now while pregnant).



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TM Nails in the Randall's Shopping center at the corner of Gattis School Road & AW Grimes. It's the shop immediately to the right of Randalls Very clean, been going there for years without issue.



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I feel your pain. I had my toenails painted once when I was pregnant (that is after I started getting my belly) and that is only because I wore my husband down and convinced him to paint them. I was afraid to go anywhere and get them done because the nail places smell so strongly of chemicals. Unfortunately I don't know of anywhere to go but I thought I'd let you know you're not alone (thought you probably already knew that). :)



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Hi A.,

Yes I did chuckle, sorry, it was funny. But I totally understand! A good pedicure can make your day!

My favorite place for pedicures is Halina's European Spa, off of Oconnor (off 620)

They are a little pricey, but soooo worth it.
All the ladies are great and they know what they are doing.

Another place that is probably cheaper, is Tips and Toes in the Target shopping center at Parmer and I-35. I used to get my nails done there, and I saw them give pedicures, I approved of their practices. They are clean and pretty popular.

Well, have a good time.



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love this place. afforable, clean and looks brand new inside:)



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Hi there!

I had the same query when I was pregnant with my 4 month old son. I found Stylin' Salon in Cedar Park...the BEST pedicure I have ever had in my life and I have had my share! The only problem was that my nails grew too fast! Never even had a chip! I believe there is one closer to you, Wells Branch, I think. They have 2 pedis...the regular for $20 and the spa for $40...I got the spa pedi and it was glorious! Good luck, and I hope this helps!




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I've gotten very good pedi's at a place on Pecan street and Windemere in Pflugerville. I can't remember the name, but it is the little shopping center shaped like a castle.

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