143 Lbs - Saddle Bags :)

Updated on August 25, 2011
S.!. asks from Boulder, CO
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Ok the 2 lbs loss is probably water weight, lol.. but still makes me feel good I saw a 2 lbs differance. So far I have only been using the treadmill with a walk/run program for 30 mins a day. With my last pregnancy my rear end decided to go sideways and I became wider instead of fuller. (Thanks baby G!) I now look like I am carrying around saddlebags on my legs and butt - or I could say I look like the motorcycle cops who wear those funny pants that balloon out on their side hips, bwa hahaha. Maybe not funny but me thinking of me wearing those pants just made me laugh this a.m. Giggle Giggle.

Does anyone know if I am doing the right kind of exercise to trim down my saddle bags? Should I be doing other stuff then running/walking to trim them down?

How is everyone else doing? Been doing your walking? Eating better? Hope everyone has started - no excuses, right?


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answers from New York on

Jump Rope

Yes, still "milling" every night... need to keep myself from gaining 40 pounds this pregnancy! Keep it up! Remember 2 lbs per week is best!

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answers from Redding on

Saddle bags are just fat, so keep up the cardio and they will go away as long as youre burning more calories than you are taking in. Thigh fat is usually the last thing to go when you are losing weight it seems. With me it's the boobs shrink, then the tummy then the thighs.
Good job on your tread mill routine, keep it up!

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answers from Cleveland on

Have you tried pilates?
Besides just walking that has helped me a lot.
Check out www.sparkpeople.com. Really cool website, but go check out the videos.
After my 1st son was born I started doing their pilates videos at home. They're like 5-10min workouts. Some are longer. There are videos to help target all different areas of your body.
I got to a point where I was doing about 4-5 videos a day. and I got down to the slimmest I had been in a long time. Then I got pregnant...
After my daughter was born, i started doing this again. Lost bout 10lbs. Then...I lost the motivation and have been a lazy bum :)

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answers from Orlando on

I have lost 78 lbs in the last year and a half thanks to good diet and a whole lot of time on the treadmill....my husband was just commenting two nights ago (while he was trying to hit me up by rubbing on me LOL) that my legs feel much stronger :-) Anyway, I know you said you are doing a combo of walking and running on the treadmill, I wanted to share a routine that I do six days a week that takes only 30 minutes but I do it twice so it takes an hour. Again, it has helped me lose a lot of weight, I'm 4.4 lbs from my goal weight so I think it has really worked! :-)

2 minutes --- 2.8 mph
2 minutes --- 4.0 mph
3 minutes --- 6.0 mph
2 minutes --- 2.8
2 minutes --- 4.0
1 minute --- 2.8
2 minutes --- 6.0
2 minutes --- 4.0
2 minutes --- 6.0
1 minute --- 2.8
2 minutes --- 4.0
2 minutes --- 2.8
3 minutes --- 6.0
2 minutes --- 4.0
2 minutes --- 2.8

This was a program on my old treadmill and when it died I continued to do it on my new one....I've done it so much, I know exactly when to change the speeds with little thought...again, highly recommend it, I think speeding up and slowing your heart rate really brings on a great fat burn session :-)

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answers from Boca Raton on

P90X classic - after one month my pants were baggy in my legs and butt.

Of course I've not been doing it lately and gained alot of it back - argh!!!!

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answers from St. Louis on

It is all genetics. Thank god he gave me the genes that all the fat I gain is evenly distributed all over my body, except my ankles and wrists, strange.

Anyway apparently your saddlebag area is where you fat goes first and goes away last. As you continue to lose fat it will go away. What you can do to make it less obvious is work your thighs, glutes, ya know upper legs. The muscle will even it up so it isn't so obvious where your fat is hanging out.

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answers from Orlando on

what are saddle bags? if it has to do w/your lower butt you could try lunges. that will tone up your butt and legs.

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answers from Boston on

Squats and lunges and other leg exercises such as the afore mentioned pilates etc will all help tone muslce underneath, bit cardio (walking running) is almost the only way to lose actually weight, which would be the only way to lose them. So you need to do both if you really want to get rid of them and it's a long process - don't set unrealistic goals.

Good luck! Maybe you will inspire me to start on my weight loss program (need to lose nearly 40 lbs).

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