I Have Mommy Butt!!

Updated on June 25, 2012
L.O. asks from San Jose, CA
14 answers

I am so bummed about my bum! :) I've ran a bunch of races (10K's, half marathons & a full marathon) and have had 2 kids in the last 5 years. I think it must be a combination of those factors (plus the fact that I haven't worked out regularly in a few years), but my butt is getting flatter and saggier. OMG. Mommy butt! The one I used to pity and tease my own mom about. Is there hope? What happened to my perky, bubbly buddungkkadunk? Please tell me there are some of you who've managed to get some tone and meat back after coming out of sleep depravity and getting active again!

Just for the record, we walk most nights after dinner (1-2 miles) but i'm thinking I need to step up my game. Oh, and I eat way too much chocolate.

Oh yeah... one other thing... some of the nicest tushes I've seen belong to mommy friends (all of whom have 3+ kids). What's my problem?! :)

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answers from Albuquerque on

I have a couple of friends who swear by The Brazillian Butt Lift workout DVDs. I'm going to try them when I get in a bit better shape. You can find the the DVDs sold online, or search for the infomercial on TV. It's on all the time in the middle of the night on DirectTV.

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answers from San Francisco on

To answer your question, it's called genetics. Never tease your mom about her looks. ;)

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answers from Austin on

It could just be inherited too..

There are exercises for everything, but some things are inevitable..

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answers from Sacramento on

It is genetics. I have the opposite problem. I have and always will have a buddungkkadunk, no matter what I do with a tiny waist and flat stomach. I would die for a small butt although my hubby says he loves it. I say do squats. I think running will not help your butt, you will just lose weight and slim out more. Hiking would be goood for a more lifted booty, too.

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answers from Las Vegas on

Taking a spin class will definitely help and when you do those walks, SQUEEZE your gluts.... Also, Squats.. with those three things, I think you will find improvement (at least I have)
As for the spin class, oh boy oh boy............. not only good for the butt (although, it does hurt at first ) but your legs will also shape up..
Spin class is my new favorite exercise.. I just love love love it!!!
Since having some foot issues, I had to switch from aerobics/Zumba to a no pressure foot exercise.. Tried spin and the first time I was hurting.. but after a few classes, I built stamina and now.. I simply can't wait to get back at during the weekday..

give it a try!! best of luck to you

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answers from Salinas on

I would check out Sparkpeople.com. It's a free website with tons of helpful information on eating and exercising. There are free short exercise videos, lots of great, healthy recipes and all types of support groups that you can join. It's a great website and it's all FREE. There are also exercise and nutrition trackers you can use too.

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answers from Honolulu on

Just do butt exercises, so that the muscles there, get stronger again and uplifted.
Look online.
Lunges & squats basically.

I used to have a totally... tight and perky rear end. Then I had kids. Then my butt got like yours! LOL
But I do spot butt exercises... and it can get perky again.



answers from Pittsburgh on

HA! I am currently on a mission to get rid of my mommy but as well! Its not so bad in the summer in shorts but is horrendous in jeans. So what I am doing is squats every day and pilates. I feel my stomach getting tighter after only a couple weeks of pilates but nothing in the bum yet :-(
One thing to be careful of - a couple years ago I started a serious weight lifting phase centered around the New Rules of Lifting and I had to go up a size because of my butt! So you CAN take it too far.



answers from San Francisco on

Hi L.,

Don't be bummed of course you have hope. Start off with baby steps. Working out is just as important as the supplements you are missing as well as sleep, water and air you breathe. If you need help with your baby steps email me and I will show you some things you can do to make a difference and pick up the step a bit.

Have a great day.

N. Marie
[email protected]____.com



answers from Atlanta on

Yeah -after kids and with age you need to really limit fattening foods -like sugary stuff and processed/gluten-loaded items, but ultimately you need to be exercising more with more intensity. Start running again and get up to doing some 10Ks -even 5Ks on a regular basis. Run at least 3 or 4 times per week for 40 minutes to an hour and find some sort of DVD/XBox/Wii program or gym class where you do MANY squats and/or lunges. If you want to lift and perk up that butt, weight-bearing squats (done with kettlebells, free weights or barbells) really are the best thing. The results to the backs of your legs and butt are amazing! After anywhere from 3-6 months, it will almost look like you've had some sort of plastic surgery!



answers from Charlotte on

Aww, just go to Ann Taylor and get some of those cute pants that hug your butt, and it won't look like mommy butt! You'll look great!

Those pants have a little spandex in them to hug in the right places. They have 3 different kinds of pants - try them all on and see which ones fit your shape the best. Your problem is probably what kind of pants you're wearing. Get the ones like I'm talking about and your tush willl look like those other nice tushes!!!!




answers from Chicago on

Yep. You have to step up your game. Good for you on the walking, though!!

Squats, lunges, and step-ups will put your booty right back where you want it!!!



answers from Minneapolis on

Pilates, squats and lunges, walking, take stairs whenever you can. Most important, it's a proven fact that people who sit all day get middle age spread in the lower region. The pressure that comes with sitting actually does compress and flatten the muscles back there...and if that weren't enough, pressure also causes fat build up too and that can make you look "flabby"! If you're more active during the day, despite having a sit-down job, it slows down that process.

For more info on the flat butt and sitting-too-much study see:



answers from Alexandria on

Walking is good but I'd single out the section you want to improve and stimulate those muscles. Squats are great for legs but the butt too.

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