10Th Anniversary Plans

Updated on March 10, 2008
K.K. asks from McKinney, TX
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Hopefully with all you SUPER MAMAS helping me, I will be able to throw an amazing 10th anniversary for my husband and me. This is the one thing we usually spend about $500 on every year---we truly respect our anniversary and so with it being my year to plan our activities, I want it be something that will be more than he expected without blowing our budget too much. One thing we always do is stay at least one night away from the house/kids/etc. But other than that, we are open. Our anniversary is in October. So I have some questions:
*Should I just plan something for him and me? or should I have a big dinner with our closest friends and family?
*Is there somewhere kind of close that I should plan for us to go of a night or two?
I am stuck, so I will see what creative ideas you may have....he does so great each year, so I want to make it memorable. I sincerely appreciate your time and energy on this one. Any ideas are welcome.

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answers from Dallas on

one of the women in my MOPS group just spent her 13th anniversary at the Grand Ballroom and Hotel in downtown Mckinney. She said it was fabulous!! Congrats on your upcoming anniversary!



answers from Dallas on

what about renewing your vows at a local park? it can be really simple with a minister, the kids, and you guys? ask a friend to take pictures, and dress up a bit. no you don't have to squeeze into your old wedding dress if you don't want to. then drop the kids off at family/friends and head to the hotel/restaruaunt of your choice to celebrate.


answers from Dallas on

We went to Hawaii and took our 2 yr old along. It was fantastic. We went back at 15 yrs and plan to go again. It is SO nice there.

South Beach in Miami is a LOT of fun but not as family friendly and you also have to be open minded.

As for sticking closer to Dallas.....I would do a private night somewhere like Hotel Zaza, Marriott at Shops of Legacy, or any of the nice hotels in the area.

Congratulations on 10 yrs! We will hit #20 on New Years Eve this year!!!




answers from Amarillo on

If you don't mind having your anniv. plans a month or two early, my husband and I spent our anniv. on Labor Day weekend this past year in Gruene, TX (just outside of San Antonio) and it was also my 30th b-day. We had SO much fun. Our plans were to float the Guadalupe River and stay at a B&B. We did stay at a nice B&B and due to flooding, the Guadalupe was closed, but the Comal (sp?) River was open and we floated in the tubes. It is a two hour float and we just took our cooler of beer and it was really romantic. There is great shopping in Gruene and then there is Gruene Hall where they are ALWAYS having concerts. There are great little restaurants and if you get too bored you are close enough to go spend the day in San Antonio of you want to. Needless to say--on that trip we found out we were preggers and the last part of our trip was a blur bc of the excitement of the baby! I had only been off the pill for a month!! It was so much fun though--and we WILL be doing it again when this little one is born--maybe next Labor Day bc she will be about 4 or 5 months old by then. If you just google B&B's in Gruene you will find several to choose from!! Good Luck!! P.S. I am saying Labor Day weekend is a good time bc usually after that the weather is unpredictable!! :)

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