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16 Month Old Frustration

D.C. asks from Phoenix

Hi everyone! My 16 month old son has been showing his frustration lately by hitting his head (smacking it with his own hand, bonking his head on the floor or any o...


Almost 3 Year Old Testing Limits.

D.M. asks from Tucson

It seems the closer to 3 we get, the worse the behavior problems are. I used to be able to tell Jesse, if you continue not listening to me, I am going to take that t...


My Daughter Is the Pokiest Puppy Ever!!

L.C. asks from Casper

I need some ideas on how to get my daughter moving in the morning. She is in Kindergarten and every morning is a battle getting her to get ready on time. If I am no...


Needing Advice

L.H. asks from Shreveport

I need help with my 14 year old ADHD son. For the last two years he has been living with his father and constantly runs away. This last time he's been missing for o...


Advice for New Mom

M.W. asks from Tulsa

My son was born at 30 weeks and spent 6 weeks in the NICU, we have had him home for a month now and I'm having trouble adjusting to being a stay at home mom. Our pedi...


How to Make Him Listen

D.J. asks from Dover

Hi, I have a very active 3 year old boy and he is for the most part pretty behaved except when we are out somewhere. It is like he gets so excited and wants to run a...


11 Year Old Step Daughter Acting like a Brat!

J.O. asks from Portland

I'm taking this off because a few of you think I'm such a terrible person and all I wanted was advice. Thanks to those of you that gave it.


3 Mo Old Doesnt Nap

K.B. asks from Philadelphia

My son just turned 3 mo today and since about 2 wks ago he only takes 3 or 4 15-20 minute naps a day. He sleeps through the night, he usually goes to bed around 10:3...


Age Appropriate Activities

J.C. asks from Salt Lake City

My son was born on 07/13/2008. We've been following our pediatricians advice and keeping him mostly at home. However- I am starting to go stir-crazy. Im wondering...


Is My Son in Trouble Because His Part-time Caregiver Is Too Lenient?

A.S. asks from Boca Raton

Hi all, Here's my situation. Neither my wife nor I has any family in the area (my relatives are 1200 miles away; hers are 12,000 miles away!), and my wife stays a...

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