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Family Portraits

H.R. asks from Salt Lake City

I am looking for a place that can do family portraits as well as Holiday greeting cards. I really don't want to go to Kiddie Kandids because I want to try somewhere ...


Reasonable Baby Announcements

M.T. asks from Chicago

Does anyone know where I can get NICE but reasonably priced baby announcements. I don't want the print your own kinds from the card store. I got a great deal but I ...


Forgot to Actually "Mail" Birthday Party Thank You's.

L.S. asks from Birmingham

I can't believe I have done this, and now I feel so embarrassed. My children have their birthdays 3 days apart, and I decided to have a family party for both. It wa...


Pre-K Teacher Gift

A.C. asks from Philadelphia

What should I get? My son goes to preschool 5 days a week. I did a gift card for their christmas present. Should I go that route again? I don't want to buy a "bor...


Places to Post Business Cards??

K.G. asks from Dallas

Hello Mompreneurs. Business is great for me, and I want to keep the momentum going!! Does anyone know places where I can post my business cards/fliers. (Examples: com...


Do Step Parents Have the Right to Sign Documents?

T.L. asks from Dallas

I am not looking for opinions but actual laws or truths to weather or not I as a step parent with my husbands permission have the right to sign my step daughters repo...


Baby Gift Giving

N.K. asks from Albuquerque

I just have a quick question about what is the correct protocol when it comes to giving gifts. Is it expected to send gifts to friends that you keep in distant conta...


Lakeview YMCA Mazing Kid's Punch Card FREE

I.H. asks from Chicago

I used to belong to the Y at Lakeview and used the kids maze/gym while I was working out. Great place. We recently moved and joined another gym, however I still hav...


Baby Announcements

B.D. asks from Dallas

I am way behind on sending baby announcements for my 6 month old! Did anyone else procrastinate like I have? Am looking for some cute ideas. Thought I may do a car...

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