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When to Have My Daughter Start Shaving?

My oldest daughter is 10 and has asked about shaving her legs. ... parents must support our young women to concern themselves less emotionally/socially with ...

Question About Shaving......

I wished I'd had this available when I was young. .... My mom didn't let me start shaving until I was 13 and she started me off with an electric razor which ...

Wanting More Children While First Is Still Quite Young

Anyways at 10 mo my son loved to take shaving cream to the sliding glass windows , ... It took me a year to get pregnant the second time, and I am young! ...

6 1/2 Year Old Daughter Wih Hairy Legs

I decided it was not a big deal at all to shave her legs so young because there were so many little girls who didn't have any hair on there legs or very ...

Advice on 12 Year-old Shaving Hairy Thighs....

Read all 25 responses: "My 12 year old daughter has been shaving her legs now for ... Most peoples upper thighs aren't that hairy especially that young. ...

Feedback to Be Informed and Your Advice on a Personal Matter:

Oct 7, 2009 ... guys do thisshave entire pubic area as well I know Im probably outdated on things and that young people are shaving arms chests etcthese ...

Discussing Hair Removal with Tween

I agree that 11 is too young to start shaving with a razor, but maybe an electric razor might be a good compromise. I googled "organic hair removal" and ...

What Is the Best Razor to Start My Oldest Out With?

Wow - I admire you for taking care of such a large family, especially when you' re so young! And if shaving is what brings you to this site (rather than ...

HELP - My 19 Year Old Son Is Rapidly Losing His Hair

I've also seen young guys who have shaved all their hair or had very, very short hair and it looks fine. Although it's no comfort now I'm sure, ...

Developing Too Early??

I have young boys myself but I was a third grade teacher for years and had ... by the kids now or have to start shaving yetshe is just too young to shave I ...
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  • less painful than waxing in 3 answers "... electric razor would be safe for a young girl and much less painful than waxing ..."
  • worry about what other people think in 2 answers "... child go with your gut feeling and not worry about what other people think ..."
  • its the gilette mach in 2 answers "... any hair off... So I got her a nice non-disposable razor..It's the Gilette Mach ..."
  • had dark hair on my legs in 3 answers "I can relate to your daugher on this one. I too had dark hair on my legs, hated it ..."
  • growing up too fast in 4 answers "I don't think it has a lot to do with growing up too fast - I continued to dress modestly ..."