what happens when you lose your mucus plug

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Mucus Plug or Close to Labor ? Help Please :-(

S.B. asks from Gainesville

Ok heres the deal, I am 38 weeks, will be 39 weeks this thursday and am due the 24th. This is my first baby and I am clueless as to whats going on with my body. Two ...


HELP I Am a Little Freaked Out! Mucus Plug at 33 Weeks?

R.H. asks from Washington DC

I may have just past my mucus plug and I am only 33 weeks pregnant :( What does this mean? I am waiting for my nurse to call me back but until them I am a little sc...


Mucous Plug

L.M. asks from Tulsa

I have been losing my plug slowly for weeks now. It has been mostly clear, until last night. It is now tinged pink with blood. I believe it is called "bloody show". I...


Alot Going on at 33 Weeks: Lost Mucus plug...decreeased Fetal Movement. Scared.

B.F. asks from New York

Hi everyone- I want to call my doctor, but don't want to cry wolf. I am 33 weeks pregnant and Thurs night I lost this huge chunk of gel out of me. No blood. I had cr...


I Think I Lost My Mucus Plug, Should I Call the Doctor?

J.S. asks from Tulsa

Hello I am 37 weeks pregnant and on Wednesday I was dialated to a 1. I Thursday I had some strange discharge that was kinda snotty/slimy looking and today I had a big...


So I Lost My Plug today........tmi for Some Probably ;)

J.B. asks from Houston

Hey mamas, Well I am 39.5 weeks today and lost the lovely mucous plug, I had lightly blood tinged discharge all morning and then in mid afternoon out came the glob,...


How Long Should You Loose Your Mucas Plug

A.D. asks from Corpus Christi

im 26 and due with my first child on the 16th of March. When i went to the doctor they told me that i was between 2 and 3 cem dillated and 70% effaced. About an hou...


Labor? 911 Help!!!

S.R. asks from McAllen

Moms, I'm 21 weeks pregnant and I'm having these contractions, at first I thought they were Braxton Hicks but my belly is really hard and these contractions are las...


Need to Know How to Tell When I'm in "Early Labor" ?

S.O. asks from Billings

My Dr. doesn't want me to go in to "Active Labor", due to a high-risk pregnancy / placenta accreta. I have a scheduled C-section in a few weeks, but yesterday he tol...


When Will I Have This Baby?!

C.A. asks from Boston

I'm due in 10 days (Oct. 9th). My baby seems to have dropped (my belly looks and feels much lower), and I have had a few painful contractions (but mostly painless Bra...

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