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Help Weaning Breastfed Baby - He Won't Take Formula Bottle from Me

Read all 11 responses: "Due to my work schedule, I am trying to slowly wean my 6 month old son off of the breast. Starting by only pumping once/day at work, ...

Night Weaning Breastfed Baby

Read all 20 responses: "We ascribe to the attachment parenting philosophies, and I have breastfed my baby, who turned one a couple weeks ago.

Help Weaning from Breastfeeding. Will Not Take a Bottle or Sippy

Read all 16 responses: "I have a 11 month old who is breast fed. She was born without a thyroid and had to take medication from a nipple when very small.

Suggestions for Weaning from the Breast....

I am wanting to wean my 6mo. old from breastfeeding but I am wondering what to ... ok weaning from breastfeeding can be somewhat painful. you do not want to ...

Lactation After Weaning

I weaned my one year old two months ago from breastfeeding. I gradually weaned her and am not engorged, but I am still producing milk. Is this normal? ...

Stopping to Breastfeed and Cabbage Leaves

When I had to wean, I called my nurses at the hospital who had taught me how to breastfeed. They are the ones who told me to use the cabbage leaves. ...

Advice on Weaning Newborn off Nipple Guard

We used it for about a month after that and then I began weaning him off of ... Breastfeeding Issues with 3 Wk Old ... baby weaning · breastfeeding weaning ...

I Need to Get My 2Yr. Old to Stop Breastfeeding

Oct 23, 2009 ... There are actually still benefits to continuing breastfeeding. I do understand wanting to wean too. By the time ds was 21 months is was ...


I have two boys that I breastfed and had to wean once they bit me, I slowly went over to a bottle. With my first one, I tried a bottle first but he didn't ...

11 Month Old Allergic to Dairy and Weaning from Breastfeeding

Read all 10 responses: "Hello, My 11 month old son has been exclusively breastfed (he takes breast milk from a bottle at day care).
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  • use the cabbage leaves in 3 answers "I you are going to use the cabbage leaves, out them in the freeze and apply for the ..."
  • use cabbage leaves in 2 answers "G., I had to use cabbage leaves after I found out I could not breastfeed anymore."
  • use the nipple shield in 2 answers "We of course needed to use the nipple shield when we finally began nursing."
  • ace bandages in 2 answers "Tight bras and ace bandages can decrease milk production, but could also trigger plugged ..."
  • cup without a lid in 2 answers "The past suggestions are good ones, try using a cup without a lid."