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Looking for an over the Counter Flea Medicine for My New Cat.

S.M. asks from Dallas

I just got a cat that has been living outside and am now looking for a flea medicine that I can get at PetSmart or somewhere similar. I see the commercial about Front...


Has Anyone Used Online Pet Medication Companies?

L.N. asks from Indianapolis

Has anyone used online pet medication companies? Have you had good or bad experiences? I have a wonderful old dog who is experiencing issues of aging. He is on seve...


Question About Cats and Hyperthyroid

N.T. asks from Detroit

O.K. so this is not about my human kids, but my feline ones! My cat just got recent blood work and his thyroid level was elevated. He has been on thyroid medicin...


Cheaper Pet Meds

J.A. asks from Portland

Hi, Mamas, I have a question for those of you with dogs. I am looking for a place to get less expensive, high quality pet medications. We just had to put our 8-y...


I Feel like I'm a Terrible Parent.....

A.L. asks from Hickory

I work at the emergency veterinary clinic second shift. It is very stressful and emotionally draining. I work two nights a week and most of the day on Saturday and Su...


Not So Much a Question as a Rant Needing Encouragement/advice

S.S. asks from Binghamton

A month after I turned 20 I got pregnant, a month after that I found out. I love my son and I don't regret anything however I am going to marry a wonderful man who is...


Thinks the Vet Diagnosed Wrong, What Next...

B.B. asks from New York

Hi there, I took my 13 year old Persian to the vet 2 weeks ago to address 2 growths on top of one another on her face near her eyes. The growth is in her t...


Do You Find It Hard to Afford a Pet Nowadays?

K.D. asks from Raleigh

It seems like it used to cost a lot less to own a pet. You fed them dry food and got them a rabies shot yearly, that was it. Now, they want you to spend $200 a year g...


Giving the Cat a Pill Being Pregnant

M.W. asks from Los Angeles

This is only second hand related to motherhood. I am pregnant; the cat needs half a pill twice a day. I was watching my husband taking three attempts giving her the p...


Not Sure What to Think About This......

M.R. asks from St. Louis

I am directing this question to moms of older teens or whose kids are college age. I have twin 19 year old daughters. One has a boyfriend of three years now and the o...

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