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How to Clean/steralize Bath Toys

Hi J., my niece who is a registered nurse uses anti-bacterial dish soap or hand soap on all kids toys and feels comfortable that her baby isn't getting ...

Looking for a Good Place to Donate Old Toys

A lot of these kids don't get many toys or new clothes, especially when they come into care, most of them have nothing and a new toy or some nice clothes ...

Cleaning Baby Toys

Safely cleaned and disinfected toys. P.S. These 'daycares' that use Clorox on things that the kids will be putting in their mouths scare the wizzles out of ...

Tell Me About Vtech and Similar Learning Toys

31 Aug 2009 ... I went the Leapster route and my kids love them Both of my children have handheld Leapster .... shopping for kids toys · kids learning toys ...

Household Chores - Kids

Many of the chores will be done as a helper and slowly kids can graduate to doing them independently! set the table or help set the table put away toys/ ...

Looking for a Place to Donate Gently Used Toys

We have a bag of toys and clothes to give to battered women's shelters ... Beth Y added this item My boys love to be naked I think all kids do but with boys ...

Toys in Toddlers Room?

I think it is a good idea to do so My kids always had their own toys in their rooms Even my son who was a late to sleep kid had toys I told him that he had ...

Why Are My Kids So Violent with Each Other?? Need Advice

My kids are older and didnt really fight that much at the age yours are so Im not sure if .... violent children · kids outdoor toys · outdoor toys for kids ...

Playdate Etiquette

29 Oct 2009 ... Having said that, they always went for other kids' toys because ... I have never , ever, worried about cleaning "germs" off of my kids toys. ...

Seeking Good Manipulative Toys

Any and all suggestions appreciated, but recommendations for specific toys that you have had for your own kids would be the best. ...
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