toddler only wants milk

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I Can't Get My 16 Month Old to Drink Milk

The doctor wants him to drink 2 8oz glasses of milk everyday. ... when she started drinking some chocolate milk but only at lunch time She will occasionally ...

Non Verbal Toddler

At 15 months my third childa girl was only sayingno and mamaShe would say no ... Give him choices Do you want milk or water and wait for a response before ...

When and How Do I Quit Nursing Him?

I nursed my daughter but my milk dried up when she was 6 months and that was ... If he only wants it to go to sleep then it might just be about intimacy and ...

How Much Milk Does a 16 Month Old Need?

On the milk thing, I was told at 14 months that they were to only have 2 .... Another big problem is that toddlers who drink too much milk are often ... Let your babies decide if they want more milk. IF they want more, they will drink. ...

18 Month Old Won't Drink Milk from a Cup

Our best bet has been to drink milk and he wants to drink from our cup but of course he doesn't get enough for .... Toddler Will Only Drink Mik from Bottle ...

Breast Milk a 10 Month Old Should Be Drinking

Sorry I dont understandwhy he has to only have 3 5oz bottles only at the baby ... I would hold off on the almond milk since it is a nut and you want to make ...

How to Raise a Toddler in a World That Wants Babies

How to Raise a Toddler in a World That Wants Babies. Im really struggling with the mentality that sees 19 months old as babies My daughter hasnt drank from ...

21-Month Old Won't Use Sippy Cup & Only Drinks Milk

She just wants me to give her a bottle. I love giving her bottles, but fear that I'm .... Not juice there's really no need for a toddler to have juice. But if you limit her to three cups of milk a day with meals only and then give her a ...

Goat Milk

I was told that goat milk was very good for toddlers, was gentler on the..." ... I wanted to try it with my son, but my son only wants breast milk. ...

Too Much Milk???

My 2 1/2 year old only wants to drink milk. It is a struggle to get him to drink any ... This is what both my children had as babies through toddler-hood. ...
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  • goats milk is higher in fat in 2 answers "Goat's milk is higher in fat than cow's milk, which is a GOOD thing for a one year ..."
  • drinking too much milk in 4 answers "... most of his nutrition from solids, I wouldn't worry about drinking too much milk."
  • speech language pathologist in 2 answers "Hi S., I'm a pediatric Speech-Language Pathologist."
  • primary source of nutrition in 2 answers "... says that for the 1st year of life, a baby's PRIMARY source of nutrition ..."
  • than cows milk in 7 answers "Goat's milk is harmless and probably even better for her than cows milk anyways, so ..."