thyroid problems

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Low Thyroid in First Trimester

Thyroid problems can cause you (and possibly the baby) serious long term effects , it is not something that you should ignore. ...

Pregnancy and Thyroid

My daughter has a problem with her thyroid. I know there are different ... i also have thyroid problems, but mine is hyper. I found out after my 1st child. ...

Low Thyroid

I also here some people go to Dr. Goode in the Triangle to figure out their thyroid problems. 1 mom found this helpful. Helpful? ...

Thyroid Treatment

I just read in a First magazine that reduced iodine levels can lead to thyroid problems. Just a thought you might want to try. I always prefer to try other ...

What to Do Before You Get Pregnat

My husband and I were going to try to get pregnant a year ago but I found out I had a thyroid problem and needed to start taking meds. ...

Thyroid Lump

I have to say one of the seminars that I attended a couple of weeks ago addressed the issue of so many thyroid problems in our culture. ...

Voice Problems After Childbirth

Sometimes thyroid changes happen during pregnancy. Maybe this is the problem. Good Luck B. Helpful? Yes | No Save This Remove This Report This Share ...

Taking Armour Thyroid Medication While Pregnant

Undiagnosed/untreated thyroid problems pose a much greater risk. Most medical sites have similar information, but I can tell you from personal experience ...

Hormones Out of Control

Does anyone in your family have Thyroid problems? Even if not Ask your Dr to check your Thyroid - it is a simple blood test and can cause a lot of the ...

Thyroid Surgery

31 Aug 2009 ... I am having my entire thyroid removed on wednesday. ... actually surgery for me The good thing about thyroid problems including cancer is ...
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  • eat lots of leafy greens in 2 answers "... checked for anemia, and take supplements accordingly. Eat lots of leafy greens ..."
  • start taking prenatal vitamins in 4 answers "Start taking prenatal vitamins now and make sure to eat lots of leafy greens."
  • puts your mind at ease in 2 answers "Make sure, if it puts your mind at ease, there's no thyroid problem."
  • your vocal chords in 2 answers "... in NYC I have a FANTASTIC Otolaryngologist who can look at your vocal chords ..."
  • folic acid supplement in 2 answers "Eat healthy, exercise, take a prenatal vitamin, and a folic acid supplement."