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Toddler Sleeping Issue

Aug 26, 2009 ... asleep With hair by your side & his thumb You can help him .... get rid of the thumb sucking httpwwwthumbguardcomThumbguardhtml A friend of ...

2 1/2 Year Old Pulling Hair Out

(We're about to resort to a thumb guard, I think.) I'm also wondering about your daughter's personality. Out of my 3 kids, my 4-year-old is the most ...

Finger Sucking!!!! Please Help!

My brother-in-law has an 8 yr old thumb sucker and his pediatrician recommended that he try a device called Thumbguard. It prevents the child from being ...

Joice Mom

There are products out there that can be put on the thumb to discourage this such as the Thumbguard Is there something else you could give her to help self ...

How Soon to Take Infant in Chariot

The rule of thumb, regardless of type of stroller, is 6 months for ... Thumb Guard · baby head support · jogging stroller travel system · infant flat head ...

When and How to Get Rid of the Binky?

thumb guard she used to keep me from sucking my thumb. My answer was to suck all three middle fingers. Both of our kids, and I, turned out okay. ...


It's funny that I read this today; I was just looking at a couple of websites that sell the "Thumbguard." My daughter has sucked her thumb since she was a ...

How Long Is "Too Long" for Painful Breastfeeding?

This is what saved me from giving up: A NIPPLE GUARD! .... on.. with your left breast take your left hand (thumb at 2 and pointing finger at 7 and make sure ...

How Do I Get My 3 Year Old to Stop Sucking Her Thumb?

And I bought the Thumbguard that Darla sent you the link to from a dentist that is actually a specialist. After my inlaws leave I'm going to give it a try. ...

Finger Sucking

It's expensive ($75) but it is a rubber type guard that covers the fingers .... When I was a child I also sucked my thumb. No form of anti thumb sucking ...
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