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Panicing About Christmas Time Already.

23 Oct 2009 ... How about a used book a bouncy ball new shoes crayons Handme .... mom will put in there bubbles tennis balls toys from the ceral boxes alll ...

Help with Cloth Dipaers

I also throw a couple of tennis balls in the dryer to help with the static (the liners go in too and they always get stuck to diapers) and speed up the ...

My Son Wants a "Dragon Party"

you could find yellow balls 7 if I remember correctly even tennis balls may work and paint draw or put sticker stars on them Then they have to go find the ...

Fires from Static Electricity in Laundry

Try using dryer magic balls (you can also use tennis balls), they make it loud, but it helps and you do not have the smell or irritation beings there is no ...

Ever Machine-wash a "Surface Wash Only" Stuffed Animal?

23 Sep 2009 ... I either lay them out to dry or was a few at a time, if I dry them, I put 2 tennis balls in the dryer with them to help fluff them out. ...

My Feet Are Killing Me!!

Another recommendation is rolling your feet across a tennis ball to massage the bottoms of your feet. It really helps! Hope these ideas will help you out. ...

Bedtime for My Girls!

We used to do all sorts of things after she put us to bed....normally involving a bucket of tennis balls. Anyway, my point is that she hated it...would ...

Games for 60Th Birthday Party

But the funniest thing was a friend got tube socks and put tennis balls in them. They were hanging out the bottom of her shirt. I gave prizes. ...

Traveling Light, What Toys to Bring for a 2 Year Old

Coloring books, 1 or 2 favorite videos, tennis ball to sit on the floor with and roll back and forth, maybe a pot and wooden spoon of your nephews (kids ...

Need Help with Mice Problem

I've heard that you can put peppermint oil on tennis balls or cotton balls around your house (pantry, etc) and they hate the smell and will stay away. ...
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