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Ladies - Please Help - Need Advice!

OH, you must be married more than TEN years to get half of his social security benefits at 65. Hs is probably more than you can earn after the divorce so ...

Odd Question

You can order a copy of your earnings and benefits statement to check whether someone has used your Social Security number to get a job or to avoid paying ...

Need Tax Help/ Advice

I have had to pay around $1000 in legal fees for the divorce, so far. ..... You also need to check with social security and make sure the company was paying ...

Name Dilemma... Running Out of Time!

... which is less my focus, than the benefit of him being easily identified as my son, ..... Does he help make medical and social decisions for his son, ... last name is his legal name on the Social Security System records. .... When i got my divorce, I wanted to change my last name - but NOT to my maiden name. ...

Pay Checks for a Deceased Person

She may be getting taken advatage of and not receiving the full benefit that she may be entitled to. ... your father passed away the wages are subject to Social Security and Medicare taxes however ... Divorce and Tax Refund Who Gets It? ...


He could be feeling divorce guilt and compensating now for perceived misdeeds. I am assuming your children .... Advice Needed About Social Security Benefits ...

Changing My Last Name

After my divorce I changed my last name to a very unusual one, one that is just mine. .... An additional benefit is that I'm the only C. P. and financial institutions and ... All 4 names are on my drivers license & social security card. ...

Mom Seeking Advice After Seperation

Hello there I just recently went through a divorce and we have a 3 yr old ... would not be entitled to his Social Security because you were not married ...

I Haven't Told My Dad's Wife That I Transferred His Social Security Check.

It's his Social Security check that he worked hard for. ..... If the check is provided jointly as payment of both of their benefits, you may need to contact ...

Is It Selfish to Go on Vacation Without the Kids?

Make that top priority and your family will benefit greatly from those short 4 ... contact info, and a copy of her social security card and insurance card. ...
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