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Getting Dog Urine Stain and Smell Out of Carpet

And if you can smell it, that means your dog can smell it too, and will probably return to the same ... home carpet · skin dog · puppies dog · carpet steam ...

9-Month-old Breaking Out in Hives After Dog Licks Him

I don't know if this helps at all or not but I actually have the same reaction to our dog. If he licks my skin I get an itchy bumpy rash wherever his saliva ...

Ear Cleaner for My Dog

If you are worried about it hurting the dog (it could sting if he's been scratching his ears and has broken skin) you could use witch hazel instead which is ...

How Do I Tell My Four Year Old That His Grandparent's Dog Died?

Read all 7 responses: "Unfortunately my parents 16 year old dog needs to be put ... that he had cancer of the folicles on his skin where the hair comes out. ...

Allergic to the Dog?

Is it possible to test for just a dog allergy? Or do I have to subject her to a huge painful ... The foods that caused allergies caused welts on her skin. ...

My Dog Has the Itchy's

My dog used to get ear infections constantly, and his skin was always red and .... My dog has sensitive skin too. We use shampoo with cocoa-butter in it and ...

Dog Biting and Putting Down?

Thankfully she did not seriously break any skin... but he got a major bloody nose ... Now she wants to take the dog and find a home for her instead of me ...

My Pomeranian =[ She Is Scratching Herself Bald on Her Lower Back!!! Help!!!

Your vet might be able to give you some flea bath that won't irritate your dogs already sensitive skin, and that is stronger than what you find in the store ...

Suggestions for Switching Older Dog with Allergies to a Raw Diet

Sep 5, 2009 ... When my dog started developing issues with holding iturine I took her to the vet The vet recommended .... Help for Dog with Skin Problems ...

Scar Treatment

Jul 29, 2009 ... My son was bitten by a dog a week ago (it was a. ... accident It seems as if the dog's tooth hooked onto his forehead and tore the skin He ...
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