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Help with After School Discipline

Involve other parents to help you out! If the other parents hear their kids talking about going somewhere with your kids after school, request notification. ...

Twins Being Seperated in School

Unfortunately, that is the attitude of some school districts. It's ridiculous to have to get a law passed to force a school to treat parents with the ...

Advice on Parent Phone Call

Advice on Parent Phone Call. Yesterday I received a phone call from one of my ... Then supposedly my daughter made comments at school the next day about the ...

How Do You Research School Districts?

Visit the school website and see how active the PTA is at the school. Parent involvement is another key indicator of a good school. ...

Children's Gymnastics in Naperville

They start at parent tot and go all the way through high school. They have a whole big gym with lots of equipment and all at reasonable prices. ...

How Do You Parent an Emotional, Irrational, Angry 11 Year Old?

How Do You Parent an Emotional, Irrational, Angry 11 Year Old? I don't know what to do with my boy. .... Help with Homework and Getting Work Done in School ...

Form Step Parent Bond with Child

I met my husband 3 years ago and he was a single parent to Jeffrey who was 5 at .... The younger one gets out of school and we can go for ice cream before I ...

Tantrums at School

I am a preschool teacher and am surprised how each of the schools handled the problem. We try to call the parent only as a last resort, (maybe it was a last ...

First Week in School, Disruptive in Class, Do I Approach This?

Sep 1, 2009 ... Is this normal, have I failed as a parent? A bit overwhelmed...He tells me he loves school, so why the behaviors? ...

Back-to-school, Pluses and Minuses of Room Parenting?

I have been a room parent for my kids classes ever since they have been in school. I have one going into 6th grade (no more room parenting for him) and one ...
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