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Baby Blood Cord Banks

Sep 5, 2009 ... For more info please contact a local blood banklike LifeSource or ... I did the core blood saving with my first child 12 years ago I have ...

Should Parents Help Kids Decide How to Spend Their Money?

My kids have a piggy bank and they are to put 50% in savings, 10% into tithe and 40% to spending. The savings is for something big that they want to save ...

Selecting a Cord Blood Banking Service

I would ask the cord bank what procedures they have in place to make certain that ... to bank what could be a life-saving option for the future, God forbid. ...

Allowance for a 6-Year Old

They put 10% right away into their giving bank (a clear plastic jar), then 50% into their savings bank. The last 40% gets to go into their wallet which ...

Looking for House for Rent.

In a very near future I will be looking for a house for rent/lease in the area of Sea World and/or World Savings Bank. I would prefer a one floor house, ...

Christining Gift

I ended up doing both a religious gift and monetary. I got this adorable noahs ark piggy bank and put a 50 dollar savings bond inside. My friend LOVED it! ...


They had 3 jars, piggy bank type things. From a young age they had one jar for offering in church or charity, one for savings and one for spending. ...

What Is a Good Christening Gift?

If you don't think that they would start a bank account, you could always get a savings bond. Someone bought our daughter a nice cross to hang on the wall. ...

529 College Savings Plan?

I am wondering how I start to set up a 529 college savings plan for my son. ... I recently met with a financial advisor Greg Hanson at Northstar Bank in ...

Need Help with Creating a Household Budget for the New Year

Between that and logging into my bank account on the web, I can track our .... Executives to read it and offered training and bonuses for saving money. ...
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