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2.5 Year Old Has Really Runny Nose When Laying down to Sleep

Read all 14 responses: "Last night my 2.5 year old son was up for an hour, his nose was running like CRAZY but no fever or other symptoms. eventually got to ...

9 Month Has Had a Runny Nose for a Week

Read all 5 responses: "Hi, First time mom here...My son has had a runny nose for about a week. It started out yellow but now it is clear.

Babies First Stuffy Nose

My daughter had a runny nose for two months with clear discharge and the day that her top teeth broke through it stopped. So I wouldn't worry too much about ...

Advice for 2 Y/o with Severe Runny Nose

Read all 11 responses: "My 2 year old, Haley, came ito this world with a snotty nose. We have seen her regular doctor, an ENT, an allergist etc.

10 Month Old with a Constant Runny Nose

Read all 20 responses: "Hello again moms! I have a question similar to one another mom recently asked. My 10 month old son has been sneezing with a runny ...

7 Month Baby with Cough and Sneezing

My 7 month baby girl is caught a cold. Last night she has a fewer, but thank god that is gone. Now she is got a runny nose and is coughing and sneezing..."

Baby and Runny Nose

Read all 8 responses: "My 6mos old latley has a runny nose I think that she has some algerys but when I ask her doctor about it she said that she is to ...

5 Year Old W/chronic Stuffy & Runny Nose

Read all 22 responses: "Hi moms! My 5 yr old son has had a stuffy nose for months now. I took him to the doc and found out he had an ear infection and he ...

Long Term Runny Nose for a 1 Year Old

Read all 20 responses: "My daughter just turned one on Nov 3rd. She has had a runny nose for most of the past two and 1/2 months, almost 3 months.

Allergy Specialist Versus Ears Nose and Throat Specialist

Sep 27, 2009 ... As for the runny nose, an ENT would be the way to go if allergy ... I would definitely get a handle on the runny nose first and then worry ...
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