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Help with "Pink Eye"

I called her because we thought my one sone had pink eye and we were at my in- laws for Easter. She told me if his eye was red and there was no discharge ...

13 Month Old Eye Injury

Oct 29, 2009 ... I was playing with him a few minutes ago and noticed he has a red spot in his eye. It does not seem to be bothering him but of course I am ...

2 Year Old Thumb Sucker's Thumb Is Red and Irritated

Oct 21, 2009 ... Antibotics cleaned it up so please keep a close eye on her thumb. It was swollen and red. Now she is sucking her thumb happy as can be. ...

Flying to Detroit W/ 10 Mth Old

As far as flight time I have heard people doing the red eye so the child slept ... We did both a day flight and a redeye flight The redeye was nice because ...

Redness on Infant's Ankle (Flat Red Rash)

On Saturday morning, I noticed this bright red strip on my daughter's ankle. It looks like a flat red rash. I've been keeping a close eye on it; ...

Extremely Dry Eyes/Allergies

About six years ago I started having problems with my eyes (I had lasik 10 years ago). They water, get very dry, red, and itchy. ...

Red 40 and Aggression

It caught my eye because my friend's son has many issues, food allergies being one of them. She mentioned the red dye was a huge trigger for him. ...

How to cure tearing eye in toddler?

Read all 8 responses: "My 20mos. old daughter's right eye has been ... He checked for allergies but not the case (the conjunctiva is not inflamed or red). ...

3-D Movie Vs. DD Eye Problem

Read all 4 responses: "My daughter has severe strabismus in her left eye. ... you see the green and red more... but I'm sure she'll still enjoy it. ...

Eyes Medical Concern

My four-month old son keeps rubing his eyes. His eyelids look red. Anything wrong that I should see doctor right away? Your advice is highly appreciated! ...
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