reasons to not join the army

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Bar Mitzvah Gift

Read all 18 responses: "We are going to our first Bar Mitzvah and not sure what an ... my sister often gets the child a swiss army knife (which you use your entire life). ... Make sure to get out on the dance floor and join in the Hora! ...

Looking for a New Vacuum Cleaner, Any Recommendations?

I need a new one. I do not have pets. Any recommendations?" ... S., join Freecycle for your area and post an ad or look for others giving away vacuums. If you can deal with a used one, go to Goodwill or Salvation Army, etc. J. ...

Husbands and Female Friends

Its not because he is friends with a female, but rather because I just plain ..... volunteer at a local food pantry or soup kitchen, join a Bible study group ... On a side note, last year my hubby was gone for 6 mo. due to the Army. ...

Relocating to Ann Arbor from Miami, FL

... are going to be here for a short time, is to utilize a place like the Salvation Army. ... You could join at one as a "member" and receive free or discounted .... You have already received a lot of great advice, so I will try not to ...

Help - Daughter Needs Gluten Free Diet - Any Suggestions or Recommendations?

Join a yahoo group called GFCFKids, for starters. ... hall road just down the sidestreet that has a mattress ansalvation army down it theres a food store ... Rice and beans is very nutritious and not strange tasting, so that's something ...

Immediate Prescription Assistance

My gram could not afford some prescriptions her doctor prescribed at the time. ..... I don't know what city you're in, but you could try Salvation Army and .... meds for $12.99 for a 3 month supply when you join something they offer. ...

Tired of Cooking

My email is [email protected], if you want I can invite you to join and I will need ... so that you can get the most out of your fresh produce department by not ..... With 7 people in the house I am always cooking for an army and I always ...

Play Group for Lawton-Ft. Sill, OK

(Yes, Absolutely) 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 (Definitely not) ... My husband is also in the army at ft. sill. I am in a playgroup, that I can introduce you to. I actually would rather find ... How Early Did Your Children Join a Playgroup? ...

I Hate Being a Working Mom, Advice Please!

If we had enough we would splurge, if not enough we would cut out what wasn't that .... I am a stay at home mom and my hubby works full time for the Army. .... but don't or can' quit their jobs or go to work for whatever reasons. ..... If you would like to join me, I live in Lacey and work at Madigan as a nurse. ...

How to save on Grocery Bill

We have another child on the way and I may not be returning to work, ..... It may make sense to join either Cosco or Sam's Club and freeze the meats etc. .... I have to save money because I work pt and my guy is in the army so he gets ...
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