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Sharing Breast Pump

My friend is happy that I can use her pump. I'm sure the manufacturer does not ... The reason manufacturers say that only one person can use the pump is ...

Breast Pump Advice

Yes, that voids the warranty, since pumps are considered single-user items by the manufacturers, but it will save you a bundle if you need a double electric ...


Like the formula companies like to boast how closely their artificial milk is to the real thing, the pump manufacturers like to boast about how closely the ...

Cereal for a 4 Month Old?

Oct 20, 2009 ... Eventually, I was able to pump enough to keep him going while I was .... Don't believe the baby food manufacturers or the pediatricians who ...

Little Blood in Stool

Not to mention that unless you pump around the clock, your milk supply is .... that due to the shelf life it requires to be lucrative for the manufacturers. ...

Help with Preparing Formula Bottles

More manufacturers are also making bottles and sippy cups out of safe ... When I returned back to work, I brough the manual pump to work with me and pumped ...

Switching Formula

I also beastfeed and pump due to working. if you could forward the responses you get from this to me I think I .... pump manufacturers · advance formula ...

Help Me with the BPA Issue in Plastics, So Confusing!!

I don't care what the manufacturers are saying in their advertising, .... my fiance and my son when need (i plan do full on breastfeed and pump when need). ...

Which Formula Is BEST for My 11 Wk Old?

Similac and Enfamil are basically the same just different manufacturers. .... I did pump for awhile and just gave it to her by bottle, however that only ...

Confused About Melamine in Enfamil Formula and What I Should Do!

Why not just pump and give bottle- that would be easier for you LO's stystem ... These are made in the US and I doubt US manufacturers are adding melamine ...
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