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2Nd Time Pregnancy- Different from the First?

I currently have an 11 month old and am 15 weeks pregnant. With the first, I was nauseous from morning till night, but never actually got sick. ...

7 Weeks Pregnant with a Cold

I'm 8 weeks pregnant and just getting over a cold. My doctor advised me to avoid all meds for the first 12 weeks. I can only use saline nose spray to help ...

Early Second Pregnancy Concerns

I am 7 weeks pregnant with my second child. I also have an ovarian cyst that continues to grow every week with the baby. With my first child I didnt start ...

Pregnant Before Your 6 Week Checkup

Read all 6 responses: "Can you become pregnant before your 6 week checkup? if so ... breastfeeding mom who got pregnant within the first 6 weeks postpartum. ...

9 Weeks Pregnant - Too Small for Maternity Clothes, Too Big for Regular Ones!

Keep in mind that anything that suits you at this stage of your pregnancy will probably also work in those first weeks and months after the baby is born, ...

Flying While Pregnant

I flew during my first trimester -- I was about 9 or 10 weeks pregnant and I was just fine. I just made sure that I did not lift any heavy luggage or ...

Signs of Pregnancy

With my first pregnancy I had NO clue. I didn't even consider being pregnant until 2 weeks after my missed cycle. I am/was like clockwork but had a new ...

Pregnancy After Miscarriage

The first miscarriage, I was 11 weeks along. ... I had a miscarriage at 3-4 weeks pregnant, we waited one month to try again and I got pregnant that month ...

34 Weeks Pregnant and Always Thirsty

I was boarder line in my first pregnancy, and we did the test at about 34-35 weeks. Check to see what is in the food that you are eating and try to cut down ...

When to start feeling the baby kick during pregnancy?

I'm 22 weeks pregnant with my second child. With your first child especially, it can take a while to feel anything (it varies greatly, though). ...
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  • red raspberry leaf tea in 2 answers "I drank a lot of red raspberry leaf tea for the nausea, and it worked like a charm."
  • few days after my missed period in 2 answers ":) This pregnancy, I didn't take a test until a few days after my missed period but ..."
  • flew during my first trimester in 2 answers "I flew during my first trimester and had no problems."
  • rubber band and loop in 2 answers "I also use a rubber band and loop it on regular pants, just wear it with longer shirts ..."
  • keep the barf bag in 2 answers "The elevation did make my nausea worse so keep the barf bag close - I threw up everytime ..."