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3 1/2 Year Old Regresses with Potty Training

I would say if school is new it could be stress related but sounds like he is being ... It is really common for kids to regress with potty training, ...

At Wits End with Potty Training 3 Year Old Daughter!!!

Don't stress and don't listen to people that are going to judge you. ... Having the Worst Time Getting My Daughter to Fully Potty Train ...

Potty Training

The thick potty training underpants worked well because they absorbed most ... more we pushed it (that and the stress of starting Kindergarten coinciding). ...

Potty Training Boys

May 15, 2009 ... But this will not work and may even cause more stress for him if he is not .... Next question: Potty Training a Boy Who Is 2 and a Half ...

Potty Training My Boy!!

Read all 9 responses: "I want to start potty training and we bought a toilet ... Above all, don't stress it - I discovered I didn't get extra Brownie points ...

Potty Training

Read all 15 responses: "I am trying to potty train my 2 yr old little boy. ... Give him time, it will save both you and him alot of stress. Helpful? ...

Potty Training....

I was just wondering when is a good time to start potty training, .... Just don' t stress over it. It isn't that hard. Just requires a little time and a ...

Need Potty Training Advice

Read all 15 responses: "We are starting potty-training at my house. I don't know if I'm ... Also, try not to stress out over it. It can be sooo stressful! ...

More Potty Training Advice

Read all 22 responses: "I need some more potty training advice. ... He will eventualy pee in a the potty but pressure and stress from you will make it ...

Help with Potty Training Almost 2 Year Old

I read "Potty Training in Less Than A Day" and another..." ... If you don't want to stress yourself out, I would recommend waiting. ...
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  • hell do it when hes ready in 2 answers "... sitter could tell I was stressed and kept telling me he'll do it when he's ready ..."
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  • seeing a speech therapist in 2 answers "My son is also seeing a speech therapist as he is not saying very many words yet either."
  • baby bjorn seat in 2 answers "I recommend the Baby Bjorn seat for the full-sized toilet."
  • big boy underwear in 2 answers "I tried bribes (candy, big boy underwear, stickers) and nothing worked."