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First Plane Ride for 6 Month Old, Advice?

I would bring one of those small umbrella strollers and fold it up when we got onto the plane and the flight attandent has cabin storage for slightly larger ...

Flying with a One Month Old

I recommend taking your infant car seat onto the plane and buckling it to a seat next to you. My daughter stayed in her car seat the whole flight (except ...

Seeking Advice for Long Plane Rides with an Active Toddler

I'm starting to get very stressed out just thinking about the plane ride. We have a red-eye flight for 5 1/2 hours and then another flight that is 6 1/2 ...

Baby Bottles on Plane-regulations

Then, I waited until we got on the plane to actually make the bottle - I asked the flight attendant for 1/2 cold & 1/2 hot (FYI - don't ask the people at ...

Need Suggestions for Traveling by Airplane with My 4 Month Old Son.

If your son is like my daughter, he will really enjoy looking at all of the people coming on the plane, and the flight attendants usually love playing with ...

How Difficult Is Traveling by Airplane with the Bob Stroller?

How Difficult Is Traveling by Airplane with the Bob Stroller? I have a short air flight to northern CA planned this summer and I really would like to take ...

Space a Mac Flights

We were thinking about using a space A mac flight (military plane)to fly to germany. I was wondering if somebody knows anything about those flights, ...

2 Year Old on Air Plane

Let them get their energy out at the airport as they will be confined in the plane. The flight attendents will give you water, warm a bottle or give you ...

Car Seat Vs. Booster for Flight

I also thought it would be easier to keep her occupied on the flight if she could sit more upright and even with the snack tray on the plane so she can ...

How Can I Entertain My Toddler on an International Flight?

What on earth can I do to keep her occupied sitting on a plane all day long? ..... Suggestions for Airplane Travel with 20 Month Old Twins on First Flight ...
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