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Weaning from the Breast

It is time to wean her, but I need help- I've never..." ... I'd plan on being flexible so that if she feels stressed by the sudden withdrawal of this form ...

Weaning a Toddler from the Breast

I was hoping for some guidance, suggestions, etc. for weaning a toddler. ... I have to admit that I'm sad about it and plan to take it slowly. ...

Travelling Far Before Weaning

It is hard to tell how ready your baby will be to wean at that time. A lot is based on his cues too. I thought I could plan everything out myself. ...

Breastfeeding a 15 Month Old

Read all 8 responses: "I am happily breastfeeding my 15 month old daughter. I do not plan on weaning her any time soon ( I believe in child led weaning.

Weaning to Whole Milk

Read all 12 responses: "Hi- I am starting to wean my 13 month old, ... but this is only 1 bottle for now, I still plan to nurse in the evenings & morning ...

Advice on Weaning

I plan on breastfeeding about a year. I was hoping to get some advice from you all ... Check out some other peoples posts on weaning. There is a lot of good ...

In What Order Do I Wean?

I'm just wondering in what order is best to wean him. Bed then Breast...OR... Breast then Bed? Any suggestions or helpful advice? I do plan to nurse him ...


If it helps, they're not all this hard to wean. Our second caught on to the plan right away and quit on his own and never missed it. Helpful? ...

Need Advice on Night Weaning

I have to pick a weekend when I am not working and start weaning her. ... He is a pediatrician and not a CIO advocate. Here is a link to his plan: ...

Weaning My 18 Month Old

May 19, 2009 ... It is hard to plan it and imagine being away, but well worth it. I would say it is also a great time to wean. I would start now so that it ...
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