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Pain in My Foot

You may have plantar fasciatis which causes pain in the heel and numbness or tingling in the foot. I am 32 weeks and have it in both of my feet. ...

Three Year Old Son with Pain in Right Leg

Read all 17 responses: "My 3 yr old son complains of pain in his right leg- ... Penicyllan (sp) and several hundred dollars later, causes us to now have her ...

Shooting Pain in Breasts After Feeding/pumping

The pain, for me, started just before I got a blocked duct that turned into a mastitis which is an infection in your breast that causes pain, ...

Seeking Help with Back Pain

The last few days I have had constant and extremely bad pain in one spot in my back. ... upper back pain · causes of back pain · lower back pain causes ...

Seeking Moms Who Have Teenage Boys with Pain in Groin Area

I don't know about the fever, but if it is a vericose, they get infected, which causes the pain and then that could be a sign that his body is trying to ...

Terrible Pelvic/hip Pain After Delivery-still After 7Months!!!

During birth you may have thrown your hip out of place and it causes great pain! (been there, done that) You won't believe how much better you will feel! ...

Back Pain-how to Talk with the Doctor

I would hate to take pain killers, even Aspirin or Ibuprofen without knowing the cause of the pain. I'm also an RN and fill pretty confident in my knowledge ...

Breast Pain and Breastfeeding

As for the pain, as mentioned before, it could be from a variety of causes. It probably would be a very good idea to seek some "expert" advice (lactation ...

Tail Bone Pain

Over the past several months, I get on and off tailbone pain, and. ... eliminate possible causes. Good luck with this. I don't think pain should be ignored. ...

How Many Nights Does Teething Pain Last?

The pressure of nursing/sucking increases the pressure in the ear and causes pain. Any congestion or fever? sometimes it is worth a trip to the ped. to ...
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