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My Daughter Seems to Get One Illness After another....what Is the Norm????

I nursed her for more than one year, and she spent her first..." ... The NY trip was over Thanksgiving. About 1 month later, .... For the vomiting after a plane or car ride, I would assume it is motion sickness. .... After a week of this I took her to the doctor to rule out broncitis or pnenoia(sorry for spelling). ...

8 Month Old on the Plane

We also try to get Moire good and tired before the trip so she's more likely .... This worked wonderfully and when he got bored with one I popped out a new one. .... with people who didn't mind playing with him over the back of the seat . ... of time for that life-lesson might help the plane ride be a little easier. ...

Flying with 16 Month old--Please Help!

So we survived the plane ride and I was pleasantly surprised that my son did so well. .... if you can trust him not to run away and run wild all over the plane. ... Sometimes Benadryl can backfire on you and wire them out, your best bet is ... The other ladies gave great tips... just one I would give that has been ...

How Long Did It Take for Your Toddler to Get over Their Pacifiers?

... until after our first big trip so we could get through the plane ride. ... But, then she was over it. Unfortunately, now she tends to stall more than ..... My son one day just threw it out of his crip I snuck in to check on him, ...

Activities to Keep 1 Year Old Busy on Airplane

I took our son on a 1.5 hour and then almost 3 hr plane ride when he was 13 .... I once had to change a two month old on my lap who had an all out crazy up the back ... We've travelled way more than I'd like to admit since our now 2 year old has ... I keep this one in reserve for on the plane only so it is new and ...

Taking a Trip

I carried him in the baby bjorn and took one big carry on bag with ... I did over pack a little - I was sooo nervous but all in all in turned out very good and .... I found a great website out there about travel with kids by a former stewardess! ... Like I said, I've taken my 5-year-old on more than 7 plane trips ...

Portable DVD Player for Toddler? What Brand?

First one next week with my 15 month old and then again in June when she'll ... He probably dropped it over 100 times. It did break, but it took alot ... I also used it last spring on an airplane ride, about 4 hours. ... Crys. lake and it worked out for us to use it as a dvd player as well. ... More Questions About ...

Airplane Travel with 2 1/2 Year Old

Also, pack gum or candy, or pacifier (I know but my son still uses one) for the take off ... We did not use carseats and it worked out wonderfully. ... the child ride on your lap - a special seat-belt should be provided on the plane. ... Over the age of 2 you have to book a seat for your child. ... More age groups ...

20 Month Old on Airplane

Sep 10, 2009 ... We would take them off and put them all over the tray table and wall .... Also, I had bought her new books and didn't give them to her until the plane ride. ... Our daughter was almost 2 when we flew out on a 5 hour flight to Arizona. ... plane because I was the only one who brought something to do. ...

Airplane Vent Filters

... for a filter that fits over the airplane air vent that is supposed to " filter" out some of the "bad" air while flying. ... More Answers. M.W. answers from Tampa on September 23, 2006 ... My only advice is to you is that if your little one is walking ot keep shoes on there feet .... Plane Ride with a 5 Month Old ...
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