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Weight Gain with Pregnancy #2

I too gained more weight with my 2nd pregnancy, according to all my 15 female co -workers it is normal and the weight CAN come off, but the effort is going ...

Weight Gain During Pregnancy

If your ultra sound is normal and the doctors are telling all is well and you're eating healthy. Your weight gain is fine. When I had my first baby, ...

1-Year Old Not Gaining Weight

Have your babies always grown along the smooth curves of the weight charts? Or is it normal and okay to have ups and downs? I want to make sure my baby is ...

Daugthers Weight Problems

Being of normal weight does not mean you are healthy. You (the family) may be eating fairly healthy watching fats/calories/points but how many chemicals are ...

16 Month Old Wont Eat!

Some weight loss around this age is normal, as your toddler becomes more active and loses a bit of that baby weight. If she's lost a significant amount of ...

What Is the Average Weight/height of a Three Year Old?

Read all 7 responses: "I just returned from my son's three month doctor visit. I am wondering what the average height/weight of a three year old is?

Anyone Been on Lexapro and Experienced Weight Gain

Since being on it, I have gained a TON of weight. I am about 90 lbs heavier than .... normal weight gain during pregnancy · normal weight gain in pregnancy ...

Mirena IUD Compared to Normal Copper IUD

Also, has anyone gotten one taken out before the normal time it is..." ... Mirena put in about 3 months ago and I have gained a bunch of weight like 40 lbs . ...

Worried About My Daughter's Weight

We were always off the chart (on the low end) for her weight until about 18 .... The oldest is now 15yrs and completely normal size, the youngest is 9 1/2 ...

Weight Loss

I know how you feel about people asking about your weight as I am 5'6" and look a little too skinny but I think that it is normal for our bodies. ...
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