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Baby Thermometers and Checking for Fever?

However, for a baby, the most accurate temperature is obtained rectally. The normal temperature range for a baby his age is anywhere below 100.1F ...

A Picky Eater at 9 Months?

Tempurature? I just keepntrying new things and let him decide when he's ready. ... it long enough it will consume the yeast and he will return to normal. ...

Seeking Advice on Becoming Pregnant with #2

You can also take your tempurature every morning at the exact same time and you' ll know when your temp .... normal tempurature · tricks to getting pregnant ...


If you have a normal monthly cycle, you'll ovulate about 2 weeks after your period. When my husband and I .... normal tempurature · conception pregnancy ...

Teething Fever???

Oct 13, 2009 ... Not considered normal, but nor is spotting while pregnant. When teething begins there is .... Tempuratures vary depending on where you take the temp. ...

Symptoms of Pregnancy

I've read MANY articles that lower ab pains is normal, but I have my family ... so as long as there isnt any spotting, no tempurature, i wouldnt be to ...

Period Question

Aug 20, 2009 ... you how to recognize your fluids tempuratures and where you are in .... I used have light periods fairly normal cycle and only 4 days at ...

Sick 7 Month Old

Also, tempuratures go up when we get dehydrated, which is a big risk in ... that he finally was able to drink his formula again and have normal stools. ...

Signs of Pregnancy

I monitored my basal temperature for months, then finally when I was convinced that we'd .... After the baby was born, my cat went back to being normal. ...

7 Weeks Pregnant with a Cold

The baby will be just fine, but make sure to keep an eye on your tempurature. .... With a normal (not high risk) pregnancy coughing and sneezing will do no ...
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