newborn mucus in throat

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Nighttime Breathing

Jul 18, 2009 ... Your baby is just a newborn... so I would check with the Pediatrician ... Check to make sure she doesn't have mucus or a booger up her nose. ...

3 Week Old Sleeping on Their Side

My newborn sleeps on his side too with the wedges/sidesleeper- he's .... Raise the bed-this will help your child breathe better and her mucus to drain. ...

Cold and Cough

For us it worked really well as it dried up the mucus so that he could rest ... Of course, there is always tea w/lemon to help with a sore throat/cough. ...

Stuffy Noses

When he was a newborn we'd place him in the bathroom with the steam. This really helped. He sees an ear, nose, throat doctor and we were told 'no suction' ...

6 Week Old with Congestion

He recommended using saline drops to loosen the mucus and then suction her ... the back of her throat won't be dried out when she wakes up in the morning. ...

Medical Advice

Try sucking the mucus with the bulb syringe from the top oh the back of his throat as well as the nose (you'll be amazed at what you get) ...

Baby Has a Cold

Drinking plenty of water is supposed to help reduce the mucus in her nose. ... it will go (apparently it will not hurt them) which sometimes will pick up that mucas that is stuck in his throat. ... Newborn Baby Feeling Under the Weather ...

3 Month with Cold

We would give our daughter some drops and then suction out the mucous using a bulb syringe. Our ped also told us that newborns' tiny nasal passages tend to ...

Sick 7 Week Old

First off 7 weeks is just barely past the newborn stage and should be checked up by .... into his throat and lungs. so sinuses would be the first place to attack ! ... drip saline in his nose and use a bulb syringe to suck out the mucus. ...

How to handle infant congestion?

He's been adjusted since he was a newborn.) I would also search out a naturopath that .... Milk/diary formulas can add to that because milk causes mucus in ..... If the test for strep throat is negative, your doctor may want to confirm ...
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